To grow weed indoors, you must be capable of putting the plants through the each of the different growth cycles in the same way that mother nature does by changing the “seasons.”

Outdoors, this happens naturally. The humid days of spring get longer and turn into summer. The intensity of the sun peaks during mid-Summer, but eventually transitions into autumn.

Throughout each of these seasons, and through each of the transitions, there are changes in light intensity, duration of light per 24 hour period, and changes in temperature and humidity.

In order to grow cannabis indoors, you must be capable of mimicking each of these environmental changes. And further, you must be capable of doing so in a sequential order.

Different Indoor Home-grow set ups for Different Stages of Cannabis Growth

In order to mimic the different seasons, and provide the adequate environment for each stage of growth, you will need to set up different areas or grow stations.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Set up three different areas – this means three grow rooms or grow tents (you really only need two, more on that later), or
  2. use the same area/room/tent, but with three different set ups that change before each stage.

The former is more ideal, and the latter decreases the amount of growth/harvest cycles you can run in a year, but either will work.

Regardless of which option you select, you must be able to provide an adequate environment for the plant when it is a seedling/clone, and through the Vegetative and Flowering stages.

We will briefly discuss both options below.

Setting up different grow tents or grow rooms for each stage

In this scenario, you would have a Veg room and a Flower room.  The veg room (or tent) would utilize the 18/6 light cycle, and would generally be warmer and more humid.

You may also use this Veg space for your very young seedlings and clones. You can add something like a dome over these clones to really trap in humidity, or just keep them in the same general veg area, which is most likely fine if warm and humid enough.

Another way is to have a completely separate room/tent for propagation (planting seeds and cutting and rooting clones).  This could simply be a dome outside the tent. Clones and seedlings don’t really need full, direct light. Indirect light is fine when they are this small.

After setting up your Veg room or veg tent, you will need to set up a separate flowering room/tent. This is where the magic happens. This is also where you will spend the bulk of your purchasing dollars.

Your flower room set up will need powerful lights, and sufficient HVAC and dehumidification, as well as a system for air flow (i.e. fans, etc). to prevent spore growth and promote strong plants.

Last, but certainly not lease, you will need a space to hang and dry your plants. Do not overlook the importance of having a space specifically prepared for drying your plants.

Using the same area for each stage of cannabis growth

Now to grow weed at home without separate grow rooms or grow spaces, you can still get the job done. You will just take your time and change your set up at each stage.

For clones/seedlings, you will keep your room nice and warm, the lights on but low, and keep the humidity high. As they grow and are transplanted into a properly sized pot, you will follow our guidelines for optimal VPD, and temperature and humidity for the veg stage.

Next, when it comes time to switch to 12/12, you will be sure to have a proper light, with enough power to fully develop your flowers/buds, and bring out the magic. This room will have slightly lower temperatures and humidity than your veg space, and will also require much more air circulation.

As long as you can swap out equipment, and adjust the environment, you can absolutely grow weed at home, in a single grow room/tent, through each of the different growth stages.


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