Icey Hott is a heavy hitter in the realm of flavor and aroma. This strain is the fourth and final of the collaboration between Bulletproof Genetics and Dragon’s Flame Genetics. All four of these strains involve Dragon Stash as the father, and a select female from Bulletproof Genetics. Let’s dive into the lineage of Icey Hott and see what makes it so special.

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Icey Hott strain lineage

Its lineage is worth writing an article about in itself! But we will stay true to the subject itself today.

  • Mother: Ice Cream Social (Ice Cream Cake x Prom Queen)
  • Father: Dragon Stash  (Hard Dick Blues x (Orange OG x SR-71 PK))

With Ice Cream Social as the mother for this cultivar, we know this variety to have a lineage that’s creamy and stout. With Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake and Gelato being in its DNA, we can surmise this plant to have extraordinary notes that pay homage to its predecessors.

Dragon Stash is known for its heavy blueberry aroma and flavor. It harnesses effects that lean to the likes of Blueberry Yum Yum. If you’re an Old Head like myself, you would understand that to be quite the privilege for us to consume! Dragon Stash as a male plant will deliver hearty genetics to its coupled plant. Although we understand male plants won’t show their traits, we almost always pull the sour blueberry tones into its offspring.

Appearance of Icey Hott marijuana buds

Icey Hott has extremely dark purple bracts with a bright green gradient along the edge of the calyxes. Its as if you’re staring into the abyss, and it certainly stares back. The trichome coverage gives it a pearlescent visual thats easy to get lost in.

This cultivar is known to have a dense, yet fluffy bud structure. This makes for a great cultivar to roll up in some papers! You can certainly put these nugs through a grinder, but I prefer to break these up by hands due to the buds being so dense. Its all preference after all!

Aroma of Icey Hott marijuana strain

Did someone say mint? I did! Icey Hot smells so much of mint, its insane. On the initial smell thats all you get and you can live in it. There are certainly facets of sweet skunk and a little bit of gasoline that truly brings this aroma together. After you break down the buds, the mint becomes more profound along with that skunk aroma. This aroma carries all the way through to the exhale!

Flavor of Icey Hott marijuana Strain

I hope you aren’t tired of me talking about how minty this cultivar is.. Personally, I absolutely love that aspect of it! Of course, we get nothing less than a powerful mint overtone with the flavor. It is accompanied by a sweet, almost vanilla flavor that resides on the tongue long past the exhale.

Paying close attention we can taste a robust facet of earthiness that really compliments the flavor profile. Its amazing how broad a spectrum of flavor cannabis can have! I find the best flavor comes from vaporization. It seems the terpenes in this strain melt at a lower temperature, thus giving us that smooth tasting vapors that roll straight off the tongue!

Effects of Smoking the Icey Hott strain

Icey Hott truly lives up to its name. When consuming, we get a supremely relaxing high that caters to our aches and pains. I experienced a tingly sensation that started in my face and worked its way slowly to my toes, leaving me almost weightless.

I also noticed that I had not a care in the world but I couldn’t fixate that trait to the lack of pain I had. I believe this strain to have the ability to reduce the stress as well as it does the pain and inflammation. Oh, and then there’s the munchies, If you have trouble with lacking an appetite, Icey Hot would most certainly address that for you!


I spent a full day with this strain and it was indeed time well spent. What I learned was it has a most interesting profile overall. Throw it in the realm of interesting smells along with GMO and DucksFoot.

I am going to categorize Icey Hott overall as an indica, due to its incredible effects on the body. I find it to be excellent for after work-outs or winding down from a long day. Grab you some popcorn, throw on a movie and let this strain guide you to a night full of relaxation!!


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