Update: at the time we wrote this, the Breeder had not named the strain. Since we published this blog article in Aug, 2022, the breeder has chosen a name for this strain: Coldstone Chronic.

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The day we opened our mail to find an entry form and bag of seeds from Bulletproof Genetics, we were off to the races!

We didn’t know just how lucky we were. Not only did we get to hunt a new strain put out by a reputable breeder,  but we got to keep the fruits of our labor as well. And that meant adding some insane genetics into our company’s rotation of flower.

These seeds in question were part of the Bulletproof Genetics Tester’s Cup, a pheno-hunting cannabis cup to showcase its newest creation.

And so that’s where this cultivar came from. Below you will see what we found. An amazing flower that as of this writing has yet to be named. For now, this strain is known by the marriage of its parents, Jealousy x DFI.


About the Lineage of Coldstone Chronic (Jealousy x Deep Fried Ice Cream)

Before reviewing this strain, let’s take a quick look back at the superstar parents involved here.

About the Parent Strain: Jealousy

The first is Seed Junky’s Jealousy, which is a cross of Gelato 41 and Sherbet Bx1. This cultivar has a combination of citrus and sweet aromas with an undertone of pine and other coniferous plants.

However, the aroma doesn’t do justice to what the flavor deserves. As I recall smoking it, from the first toke, I did not expect to taste the grapefruit and vanilla tones behind the pine!

The effects of Jealousy are quite intriguing. You would almost expect a supremely uplifting feeling from this because of all the citrus in it. But what we are experiencing is a faint body high that exudes into your cranium, almost pulling your eyes back. With that you get this relaxing feeling that permeates throughout your entire body. Have you ever been exhausted from feeling so relaxed? Smoke enough of this and you’ll get there!

About the Parent Strain: Deep Fried Ice Cream

DFIC is a cross between Ice Cream Cake as the mother and Deep Breath as the father plant. It has a sweet and creamy taste that’s complimented with a gassy/chemical overtone that’s quite pleasing.

It has a most pleasing facet of creamy and nutty aroma mixed with a subtle sweet cake undertone. With this combination, it smells similar to a cake and vanilla ice cream!

This cultivar is known to be indica heavy and will certainly give you that body high that leads to the munchies and eventually an extremely relaxing sleep.

Appearance of the buds from Coldstone Chronic

Dark, yet vibrant.. First impression of this cultivar reminded me of the cosmos. It has dark and chaotic bracts with streaks of vibrant green coursing through the calyxes. The pistils are a burnt orange that resembles solar flares. The trichomes so abundant, they look like stars hanging in the night sky. This is quite the aesthetic cultivar and I almost feel bad for what I am about to do to it…

Strain Flavor profile for Coldstone Chronic

My palette picks up an interesting profile here. There are subtle tones of cream mixed with gasoline accompanied by heavy citrus overtones that compliment the light flavor of fuel.

After that initial inhale, we get a calming piney flavor as we release our lungs. Its always intriguing how two different cultivars can come together and create a new flavor profile that I have yet to experience.

Aroma of Coldstone Chronic

Cultivars rich in pinene and limonene often produce an abundance of either coniferous or citrus aromas that overshadow the other terpenes. That’s not completely the case here!

Yes, we do get those rich piney and citrus facets, but they are complimented but this gassy and creamy overtone that absolutely flourish past the other smells. What we get here is a funky intertwinement of citrus, pine, gas and cream! What’s not to love about that?

Effects of Smoking this strain

In the lineage we have here, we can almost expect to get a phenotype that is leans heavy on the indica side of the spectrum. When I consumed this cultivar, I was rushed by a warm sensation that started from my face and extended through my body all the way to my toes. I was extremely relaxed and resolved of the pains I carry daily.

I find this cultivar extremely useful when needing that pain relief we experience throughout the day. Great as an anti-inflammatory and aid to anxiety as well!

In Conclusion

This cultivar has a special place in my heart. It is easily one of the best I’ve consumed to aid in pain relief. I would recommend anyone who suffers from any physical pain, whether its nerve or muscle, to get their hands on this cultivar and add it to their medicine cabinet.

As always, we will continue to conduct these reviews and give as much insight as we possibly can about these up and coming projects!


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