I’m extremely stoked about breaking this strain down. It has killer genetics and it was bred by another group of local cultivators, Leaf Logic, here in Oklahoma.

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Leaf Logic began selling seeds earlier this year under the brand name Jelly Beanz Seed Co, and they’ve already launched several good strains, including the Guava Jelly Sundae we reviewed last week.

We were fortunate enough to receive these seeds directly from the Leaf Logic crew earlier this year when we were dropping off some fresh frozen (we work with other hash makers who press our flowers into hash).

After they gave us this pack of Jelly Payton beans, we went to work hunting these seeds, and we found a pheno we really liked.

Today, we will be talking about your new favorite strain, Jelly Payton. Guaranteed to pique your curiosity with its unique profile that entices you in off its name alone. Before we dive into our phenotype of this strain, let’s learn a bit about its parents.

About the Lineage of Jelly Payton Strain 

Jelly Payton descends from two big name parent strains. The mother is the legendary Gary Payton strain, of which the Leaf Logic guys have a credible cut. The father was created by Robby Green Thumb genetics, and is the same male used in the Guava Jelly Sundae strain. As Matt explains:

“We used the same RGT male (grape pie X melon jelly x biscotti sundae) and we crossed it to the real deal cut of Gary Payton that we sourced through our good friend and seed maker Robert from Seattle Chronic Seeds.”

The Jelly Payton strain joins a growing list of genetics coming out of Oklahoma’s cannabis breeding scene.

Jelly Payton strain Review

Jelly Payton has a bright light green with a dark green gradient. It’s bright orange pistils exude from that bracts and calyxes as they invite you in for further inspection. I believe this big structure to come mostly from the Grape Jelly Sundae generics as it is quite similar to our other strain, Guava Jelly Sundae. This strain seems to be extraordinarily resinous in addition to it being a large and fluffy nug. This could be a possible candidate for squishing into concentrate.


This is a strain that gifts us with a most promising smell. In the bag you’ll get this robust funk that seems to dominate the airspace. If you notice further, you discover a sweet garlicky smell that follows under that funks domineering presence. Once you grind it up, a facet of sweet grape jelly aroma truly opens up and serves as the overtone to that funky garlicky smell. As you exhale, a robust earthy and diesel aroma fills the room and lingers with nostalgia. 


Ready for a punch of flavor that will send your taste buds on an adventure? Here we have a sweet and savory flavor that’s matched with a diesel and robust funk. The overtones are reminiscent of a mangonada with its tropical and spicy overtones.  This is followed by a funky diesel undertone that lingers as you exhale.

If you’re a fan of strains like our CheetiO’s and Champagne Showers, then you’ll truly enjoy the diverse flavor profile that Jelly Payton offers.


This has been quite an enjoyable strain to review. Not only because it has an intriguing aromatic and flavorful profile, but it’s effects are quite adventurous as well.

Jelly Payton leads heavily with its subtle euphoric parent Gary Payton. This sensation creeps up your back and finally enters your mind shortly after you inhale. As your mind relaxes, you may find yourself diving into a giggle fit pretty easily.

Be careful not to wear yourself out with a laugh fest because you’ll soon fall into a near sedative state as your body falls into a near mesmerizing state of relaxation. Jelly Payton could be used for a mild pain reliever, anti anxiety and depressive episodes.


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