This is a strain that honestly needs no fancy introduction. Jungle Driver, by the Jungle Boys, is an indica dominant strain that’s guaranteed to impress whoever wields the lighter. Due to it being a creation of Jungle Boys, (whom have won multiple awards), we know this strain is tried and trued with a solid genetic line. This means that it could be bred with high hopes of it continuing its stable genetics!

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Different phenotypes will bring you a range of balanced hybrids and indica leaning hybrids. Knowing this, we can dial in the effects of the strain we are creating with more precision. These nugs tend to be smaller, but caked with frosting. Talk about trichomes!

With its tendency to produce bright green bracts, and gradients of dark purple, Jungle Driver looks like a strain that truly belongs to the wild.

Before we dive into Jungle Driver, lets discuss the greatness of its lineage!

The Lineage of Jungle Driver cannabis strain

Hailing from Colorado, the Sundae Driver strain by Cannarado Geneticsis quite the balanced smoke, that combines Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. A large majority of those who smoke it say that it has fierce creamy chocolate flavor. It has heavy notes of sugary grapes and robust chocolate overtones for the aroma. Being a balanced hybrid, you can expect to feel relaxed and uplifted. Eventually we get a cerebral high that entices you to be creative! Its perfect for PTSD, depression and insomnia. It can also be used for anxiety and as a slight pain reliever!

Jungle Cake is another strain that’s quite renowned for its long lasting effects, making it a well sought after strain to breed with. Known to leave the user almost in an lackadaisical, yet uplifting, state of being. Don’t let its early onset of laziness fool you, right around the corner is an absolute burst of the giggles that will eventually leave the user feeling relaxed and definitely hungry. Helpful for appetite loss, depression and mood swings!!

Take these two parents, combine them together, and you get a plant that is a pure work of art. Seen below, is the Jungle Driver cultivar on the day of harvest.

The Aroma Jungle Driver strain

 Created using two near exotic strains, its no surprise that we pick up aromas that smell like they belong in Bali.

To me, Jungle Drivers smells heavily of creamy, delicious velvet cake. It has overtones that remind me heavily a matcha drink, which tends to lead a more earthy existence. Together these aromas create a robust and warm aroma that pulls you in gingerly.

As you grind up the Jungle Driver, you will notice slight hints of fruity facets that act as the backup dancers for the creamy matcha aroma. Bag appeal

The Flavor of the strain Jungle Driver

Like most strains that are reminiscent of cake, Jungle Driver truly gives you that experience of a fresh plate of creamy dessert. It has notes of soft vanilla with a mild blueberry undertone, this is all from the initial inhale of Jungle Driver. As the smoke marinates on your throat and tongue, we start to notice facets of a gassy and extremely sweet earthiness. This is due to the synergy between the Sundae Driver and Jungle Cakes terpene profile!

This strain will pair well with a hearty beer (if you are into that), or other creamy drinks or desserts! Those who indulge in Jungle Driver are guaranteed to expect a variety of emotions while undertaking this established strain.

Effects of smoking Jungle Driver weed strain

If you’re looking for a hybrid that’s more on the sedating side, Jungle Driver will be an excellent choice for you. As you inhale you will notice a sense of physical relief. It happens almost immediately!

As the medicine courses through your metabolic system, you will gain a more euphoric attitude along with a relaxing state of being.

I find this strain to be helpful for my muscle spasms, and honestly, writing! In fact I am medicating with Jungle Driver as I write this. It seems to aid in my creativity and at the same time, it reduces my mental fatigue.

Although Jungle Driver will not “put you on your butt”, it will generously ask you to take a seat will it takes the wheel. If you need aid in fighting your PTSD, depression or minor body aches, Jungle Driver will be a great candidate for you to add to your cabinet!


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