Here’s another beauty by Bulletproof Genetics that we are thrilled to have run.  We are big fans of what we’ve cultivated so far from their lineup.

Today’s strain is a cross between their Clover Shake and Blueberry Tartz. It’s a strain that will give you shot of nostalgia straight through your nose. The strain I talk so highly of is of course Lucky Tartz. Before we learn more about that, let’s learn a bit about its parent strains!

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About the Lineage of Lucky Tartz strain

To understand any particular strain, you must first know how it was born into this world. Meaning, what parent strains were used, and who did the breeding. Lucky for you, we are passionate about preserving strain history and making that information available on our site.

Lucky Tartz is the result of a breeding project conducted by Bulletproof Genetics, a Michigan-based cannabis breeder that continually creates new strains that check the boxes most growers tend look for: frosty, fat, high THC and high yielding plants.

They used their own original cultivar, Clover Shake, as the mother, and crossed her with a Blueberry Tartz male that they received from Sin City Seeds.

We’ve taken delight in previously growing and reviewing Blueberry Tartz. Long story short, she has has sharp blueberry tones followed by a creamy plum aroma. She gives off an early onset of euphoric sweetness that’s followed by a relaxing vibe that will help you wind down.

Therefore, we were excited to grow and review a child from that same family. But first, we have to tell you the backstory behind this new strain we call Lucky Tartz.

The Story Behind the Lucky Tartz strain

Back in the summer of 2022, when the entire cannabis industry was experiencing a downturn in just about every market, we took to conducting massive pheno-hunts just to keep our minds distracted and our spirits high. We needed something fun and positive to distract us from the collapse of the cannabis market and the financial struggles we were facing.

Pheno-hunting was just what we needed. It’s fun, and it was a distraction from the collapsing prices and stresses of daily operations. And lucky for us, we started receiving what at the time felt like a non-stop supply of seeds from Bulletproof Genetics.

Bulletproof must have gone on a breeding frenzy, because they had a seemingly endless supply of new combinations crossed with their trademark strains, like Deep Breath, Cherrywanna, and Deep Fried Icecream.

We received many of these strains before they had even been named. And we were honored to be testers for a number of these.

One particular pack was Clover Shake x Blueberry Tartz, which was really cool because we just recently planted a pack of Blueberry Tartz that came directly from Sin City Seeds. We later found out that Bulletproof had obtained male clones directly from Sin City and was already breeding with them.

So that summer, we started pheno hunting both our pack of Blueberry Tartz, along with these seeds of Clover Shake x Blueberry Tartz that came from Bulletproof.

Once we finished our pheno hunt of CS x BT, we took our selected pheno and patiently waited until she was big enough give at least 50 clones. As soon as she was, we took our 50, and ran them into production. Thereafter, we harvested the production batch you see in the photos and we named her, Lucky Tartz.

Reviewing the Lucky Tartz strain

Lucky Tartz presents a visual delight with its dense, large nugs that beckon exploration. Upon closer inspection, one is greeted with a display of colors.

The calyxes showcase a mesmerizing gradient of light and dark green, giving the buds an alluring depth and contrast. A touch of elegant purple hue graces the tips of the calyxes, accentuating the overall appeal. Bright orange pistils weave their way through the buds, creating a vibrant and eye-catching contrast against the green backdrop. But it is the heavy trichome coverage that steals the show, blanketing the buds like a glistening layer of stardust.


This is an enchanting strain, as it entices the senses with a nostalgic aroma that transports users back to their childhood days.

Upon first encounter, a delightful burst of Lucky Charms cereal fills the air, evoking memories of sugary sweetness and a rainbow of marshmallows. As the aroma unfolds further, a luscious blueberry essence emerges, intertwining with the cereal notes. The fruity bouquet adds a touch of freshness and natural sweetness, creating a symphony of scents that delights the senses.

Lucky Tartz unveils an intriguing facet – a pungent funk that lingers in the background. This earthy, skunky undertone adds depth and complexity to the overall aroma, providing an intriguing twist to the sweet and fruity notes. In unison, these enchanting aromas form a delightful and multifaceted profile that promises a unique experience.


Lucky Tartz delivers a flavor experience like no other, inviting users on a whimsical and unforgettable journey for their taste buds.

The initial puff reveals a surprising combination of skunky cereal with a delightful splash of marshmallows, conjuring memories of a cherished childhood breakfast treat. This unique fusion of sugary sweetness and skunky earthiness creates a playful yet intriguing flavor profile that captivates the senses.

As the taste adventure unfolds, an earthy undertone subtly emerges, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience. This unexpected twist complements the sweet and skunky notes, providing a well-rounded and satisfying flavor that keeps users coming back for more.


Lucky Tartz leaves a lasting impression with its powerful and early onset of euphoria that engulfs the mind, uplifting the spirits and inducing a profound sense of happiness. As the euphoric wave peaks, a soothing and relaxing sensation cascades through the entire body, releasing tension and promoting tranquility.

This dual effect of uplifting the mind and relaxing the body creates a harmonious balance, making Lucky Tartz a delightful choice for those seeking a blissful and calming experience to brighten their day.


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