At Smokey Okies, we offer a variety of products. Mango Sapphire Strain is one of our most popular strains due to its unique flavor and ability to leave users with the relaxing body high they desire. So what exactly is the Mango Sapphire Strain? Keep reading to learn more about this delicious plant.

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Popular Strain in Oklahoma: Mango Sapphire Strain

Mango Sapphire was initially bred in California by the highly respected Humboldt Seed Organization. It’s a three-way blend between an OG Kush cut, an Afghan landrace cut, and Bubba’s Gift. This unique crossbreeding leads to a powerful plant that produces a THC concentration between 21% and 23%. Terpenes often exceed 2% with the predominant terpenes being Caryophyllene, and Pinene. Due to its unique ability to bind with CB2 receptors, Beta-caryophyllene has potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It is known to help relieve anxiety and pain, reduce cholesterol, prevent Osteoporosis, and treat seizures.

Pinene has many benefits as well. It can act as an anti-inflammatory, promote pain relief and relaxation, aids in memory and respiratory function, and may reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Mango Sapphire Growing Characteristics

Mango Sapphire grows optimally indoors and outdoors in warm, dry temperatures. In addition, it can grow just as well in Mediterranean climates and greenhouse environments. The plants get pretty tall, around 7 to 10 feet high outdoors and are usually ready to harvest within 48 to 53 days. Smokey Okies indoor pheno is between 3’ to 4.5’ tall and typically finishes in 56 days.

In the fifth week of flowering, the buds start to get large and dense. By the time the seventh to eighth week comes around, they’re usually fully mature and ready to harvest. You may be surprised to learn that Mango Sapphire Strain can grow successfully with low levels of nutrients. Mango Sapphire also can easily be overwatered so don’t be tempted to water daily.

Mango Sapphire Strain Flavor Profile

From the moment you get a hold of Mango Sapphire Strain, you’ll enjoy the fruity flavor with hints of exotic fruits like citrus, coconut, and mango. Despite its light, airy aroma, the plant offers a powerful high that’s sure to relax and uplift you, no matter how stressed or uncomfortable you may feel. It can also improve your focus so that you can easily tackle your to-do list and anything else that life throws your way.

About Smokey Okies Cannabis

A family-owned cultivation company serving the state of Oklahoma. Smokey Okies Cannabis’ mission is to bring quality flowers to dispensaries as well as their patients and customers. We grow our flowers indoors under our own operational capabilities which lead to impressive yield, quality, and prices.

We cultivate solely indoors within our own operation capabilities that have led to impressive yields, quality, and conservative pricing.

To ensure your retail store is always full of the best strains, we harvest weekly to provide the freshest strains and to adhere to our commitment of providing the highest quality products. we harvest and commit to a fresh menu every week. You can take advantage of our wholesale showroom to explore our inventory, search for upcoming harvests, and place orders. If you’d like, we’ll gladly deliver flower to your store on a regular basis.

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