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We are committed to growing and developing new and innovative cannabis trains for our clients and customers. We love experimenting and testing new weed blends to find the best crosses that deliver amazing taste, smell and experience.

You can take a look at our full gallery of marijuana strains for general information, but every month, we aim to take a deep dive into one of our new strains so that you can learn which ones are best for you. We also want to help you learn more about the growing process,weed flower characteristics, and to get a feel for which cannabis strains will deliver the best results and experience for your situation. You can look at our recent in-depth pieces on Apple Tartz and Mango Sapphire, as well.

This month, we are looking at Prayer Pupil. This marijuana strain was specifically bred for effect, which we will dive into below. The combination of high THC and cerebral head high is what makes Prayer Pupil so unique and so popular with consumers craving intense Sativa experiences.

Prayer Pupil Cannabis Breeding Background

Prayer Pupil is a cannabis strain bred by the East coast breeder Mass Medical Strains. Mass Medical Strains breeds for effect, meaning above all other qualities (yield, flavor, color, etc) they breed specifically for the effect the plant will have on the user, and they are biased toward the creative, energetic and spiritual qualities of “sativa” dominant strains. MMS has collaborations with some of the world’s top cultivators and they produce some of the most unique cannabis strains in the world. For these reasons, we at Smokey Okies love running MMS strains, which allow us to provide our customers with a network of marijuana breeds that are hard to find anywhere else.

Prayer Pupil is the weed love child of Star Pupil and Bodhi Seeds’ Prayer Tower Sativa. It is a Thai sativa marijuana crossed with an Afghani indica marijuana, both of which are landrace varieties, meaning the DNA is less diluted, which really lends to the power of the Prayer Pupil high. Combining Star Pupil with Prayer Tower increases the yield of the cannabis flower and also elevates the lavender flavor. Per the breeder’s instructions, we top this plant to keep her from growing too tall, as we prefer to cultivate our ladies as fat, wide bushes, which allows us to tame the plant and maximize yield.

Prayer Pupil Cannabis Flavor and Smell Profile

Prayer Pupil is a unique weed strain for its potency, but also it’s unique flavor profile. You can usually sense the dairy cream on the nose, while the taste can have soapy, detergent profile, which an be off putting for some users. However, that chemical flavor transcends into a soft cream, with floral hints of lavender, and sometimes berry. In some batches, the berries and cream are more dominant, which produces a flavor reminescent of those strawberries n’ cream oatmeal packets. It’s a fresh flavor that is the icing on the cake for someone looking for a strong high paired with an enjoyable flavor and smell during their marijuana smoking experience.

What to Expect from Prayer Pupil Cannabis

Prayer Pupil is not for the faint of heart. Our pheno is 24% THC, has a uniquely strong taste that encompasses a diverse and at times opposing flavors, and produces a strong, energetic psychedelic high that affects the mind much more than the body. This intensity is geared toward more experienced smokers and we would encourage novice smokers to choose a lighter weed variety. We recommend this strain to those focused on intensely creative tasks, such as musicians, writers, Artists, bloggers, and gamers.

Because of the flavor, strength and experience of Prayer Pupil it has become one of our most popular weed varieties that we offer. If you’re not carrying it in your business, you’re missing out on an opportunity to deliver one of the best and strongest cannabis strains to your customers.

How to Get Prayer Pupil Cannabis

If you are a marijuana dispensary looking to partner with Smokey Okie’s or order Prayer Pupil, you can visit our Application Form to begin our intake process. If you’re a customer looking for dispensaries that carry Prayer Pupil, reach out to us any time!

Check back next month to continue learning more about the Smokey Okie cannabis varieties and strains that are available at your Oklahoma dispensary.


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