There are always new and exciting things happening at Smokey Okies, including new strains for our customers to try. We love experimenting and procuring new weed strains to deliver amazing taste, smell and experience for our partners and their customers.

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You can always take a look at our catalogue of marijuana strains for currently available weed varieties, but every month, we aim to take a deep dive into one of our new strains so that you can learn which ones may be best for you. It’s also our goal to teach our followers more about the growing process and weed characteristics.

Hot Mess Strain Description

This month, we are taking a deep dive into Hot Mess. The name of this strain is exactly as it sounds. It’s gooey, sticky and grows in a tall, chaotic plant that yields large amount of flower. Hot Mess is a weed strain that is produced by Twenty 20 Genetics. It is composed of 22% THC and 27% total cannabinoids, which lends to its racy high. Hot Mess is a combination of Glue Sniffer x Trainwreck. Glue Sniffer is a popular weed descendant from Gorilla Glue and brings with it the chemical components to the flavor profile, while Trainwreck delivers more of the sharp, pine-y aspects to the profile.

Hot Mess Cannabis Flavor Profile

The first thing that many smokers will tell you about Hot Mess is that it’s sticky. The stickiness is due to the high amount of resin in the trichomes that are part of the Hot Mess plant. Trichomes are the hair-like appendages that are on marijuana plants and contain resins that are essential when smoking weed. The good news about this stickiness and ooey gooey nature is that it is a good indicator to a quality product that will deliver a strong high. The stickier the weed, the more resin. The more resin, the more terpenes, THC and cannabinoids are present. So while the sappy-like consistency may seem difficult to work with, once you try Hot Mess, you will not want to get your fingers off of it.

The combination of Glue Sniffer and Trainwreck are what create the unique flavor profile for Hot Mess. It has a lot of earthy components, including pine, hops, and citrus flavors, which make it appealing to those who are looking for a weed that tastes enjoyable. Then, on the back end of smoking it, there is a strong gas or turpentine flavor and smell that becomes present. Many smokers enjoy this gassy strain of marijuana because it brings with it a heavy high and extremely relaxing experience.

Smoking Experience with Hot Mess Strain

Hot Mess marijuana has a high level of Terpenes, specifically Terpinolene. This lends not only to the gassy flavor, but also to its ability to relax and provide a calming sensation to the central nervous system. Many who smoke Hot Mess describe it as euphoric, with head spins and psychoactive effects. Hot Mess is the type of weed that will energize you and uplift your motivation. It is a heavy-hitting strain that is meant to bring about a long lasting high and an alteration of mood and cognition.

Because Hot Mess is so strong and effects the mind, it’s a good choice for those who are treating disorders that involve over-stimulation, such as ADHD, seizures, or tremors. It also is a great option for those dealing with high levels of stress or anxiety.

Be sure to check out the other in-depth strain profiles on the blog and catch us next month when we review another Smokey Okie’s strain.


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