Have you ever WANTED to fold the laundry or do the dishes on your day off? No? Me either! But with this cultivar, all of these tedious tasks have the option to be the “Crescendo” of your day!

We previously reviewed Crescendo in concentrate form as a hash rosin that we had pressed. And we loved it! But as cultivators, we hold a special place in our hearts for flower. And this particular flower deserves its own review, separate from the rosin.

Here we will discuss the different factors and characteristics that make this strain a staple for those who utterly dislike chores. We will go over the aesthetics, aroma, flavor and medicinal value that our Crescendo carries!

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Lineage of the Crescendo marijuana strain

Crescendo was created by Ethos Genetics, who are known to be particularly disciplined and meticulous in their approach to breeding. This cultivar descends from parents that have been wildly popular in the world of breeding:

(ChemDawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies) x (Headband x I95).

All of these parents are understood to be full of flavor and aroma. The parentage alone would lead us to expect something grand. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Aroma Profile of Crescendo marijuana strain

Crescendo is notorious for its heavy earthy and diesel base notes alongside the powerful citrus undertone that lingers hand in hand with the other notes.

Some phenos will present more of the heavy earth and diesel notes due to the powerful Chem Dawg in its lineage, with the I-95 to back it up. But they seem to battle against the great Mandarin Cookies to be the overtone, with its sour citrus aroma.

With this combination of terpenes we can expect a plethora of different aromas. Before milling our Crescendo, we are experiencing an Earthy, almost grainy smell, along with a powerful undertone of citrus. After milling, the earth and diesel infiltrate the nose as it overpowers the citrus. It doesn’t take much limonene for its profile to be distinguished. After all, its one of the most abundant terpenes we know of.

Since aroma is second in line (next to aesthetics) to the initial experience of a new cultivar, lets talk about what makes cannabis so diverse in its flavors.

Diving Deeper into the flavor of Crescendo

It is generally known that Terpenes are responsible for a variety of characteristics in cannabis. From flavor and aroma all the way to the medicinal benefits! In Crescendo, the dominate terpenes are Nerolidol, Caryophyllene, Pinene and Limonene.

Which makes this flavor profile is complicated.

As it has a robust earthy flavor on the inhale, there is an elegant note of citrus as you release your breath. This is mainly due to the amount of caryophyllene, nerolidol and limonene we get in this cultivar.

The Experience of Smoking the Crescendo Strain

Remember when I mentioned that terpenes have medicinal value? Well with this rather fascinating ratio we can expect to feel both “Indica” and “Sativa” traits.

The Indica and Sativa terminologies are words used to express a broad range of either physical effects or mental effects, both serve their purpose equally and help us determine the experience any given cultivar will deliver us.

With the ratios we carry in our Crescendo we get medicinal effects that aid in treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, and mood swings! Caryophyllene, accompanied by nerolidol, gives us the physical balance with the pain relief both terpenes offer. The perfect amount of Limonene gives us the ability to surrender our stresses with its heavy anti-depressant traits. With these combined qualities Crescendo can ensure its recipient to experience a broad range of medicinal value. It truly is a “One Size Fits All” type of cultivar.

We know all of this by the rigorous testing we put our plants through. From the pheno-hunt to the proper care and attention we give the plants during growth, all the way to harvest!

Medical Marijuana: Crescendo has Medicinal Value

Knowing what we’ve learned in this article, we can move forward with adding Crescendo to our cabinets of holistic medicine! We strive to find alternatives to harmful pharmaceuticals and other drastic approaches to ailments. Cannabis is not a cure all… But with the proper knowledge we can use it as a tool to perform at our best. We appreciate the simplicity this cultivar has to offer us, yet we admire the complexities that make it so!


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