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Jelly Breath Cannabis Strain Description

We can’t stop talking about the new strains that have been harvested at Smokey Okie’s. We recently harvested our first clone purchase from BeLeaf, and we are ready for you to purchase them and enjoy. All of these strains were hunted and hand selected by BeLeaf cannabis, a famous cultivator that has now set up a shop in Oklahoma and is collaborating with some of the biggest breeders to create new strains.

Among those strains are Divine Banana, Gorilla Nut, Bazinga, Kidney Punch and — our focus this month on the blog — Jelly Breath. Jelly Breath is a cross of Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos. These strains that create Jelly Breath both share lineage with the OG Kush Breath line. At Smokey Okie’s, we love OG Kush for its legendary reputation as well as “breath” crosses for their frost, nose, and all around dankness. That’s why we have a lot of strains that are downlines from it, including Jelly Breath.

Our Jelly Breath strain will be some of the most beautiful cannabis you will ever see. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but her beauty is breath taking. The level of frost, the way the green is toned down by the trichomes making the color appear “lighter,” and just the overall appearance – this is true Top Shelf exotic cannabis worthy of being displayed as art work in a gallery.

Jelly Breath is a mostly Indica strain, with petit buds that do not put on weight until near the end of the flowering cycle before yielding decently sized buds. This strain is also pretty rare to find, so check out the flavor and experience review below to determine if Jelly Breath is right for you.

Jelly Breath Cannabis Flavor Profile

If someone had to describe jelly in three words, they may choose words like “sweet”, “sticky” and “fruity”. Using these words to describe Jelly Breath would also be on point. The sugar-coated buds even typically look purple when they are harvested, reminiscent of grape jelly. The flavor is thick, coating the room and your mouth with the taste of fruity sweet berries and flowers. Because of the Do Si Do lineage, there is also a hint of crisp mint that compliments the fruit with a fresh finish.

Some smokers have suggested that, as the cannabis burns, it can begin to taste slightly tingly or spicy in flavor. The aroma while smoking has been described as earthy, floral, and sweet as well. Having this fluid taste profile that changes as you continue smoking it only adds to the experience.

Smoking Experience with Jelly Breath Cannabis

When looking to describe the smoking experience with Jelly Breath, the first thing to point to is the THC level in the strain. This level of THC, mixed with a lower CBD presence, creates a relaxing high. The euphoric state that it delivers can really help to relieve tension and stress. Similar to the tingly taste of the nugs as they burn, many smokers claim that they have a tingling sensation when smoking Jelly Breath.

Another point worth nothing about the Jelly Breath high is that it is a full body high. When smoking, you will experience a head high that radiates to the rest of your body with a warm and tingling sensation. While extremely relaxing, though, the high does not over-sedate you. It brings a sense of physical calm and enhances your mood. Some people may act very happy or giggly when smoking it. Because of this full body high experience, this strain is a perfect selection for those who suffer from aches and pains, muscle spasms, cramps, or insomnia.

You can find Jelly Breath at one of our partner dispensaries in Oklahoma, and check out strain reviews on our YouTube channel and on the Smokey Okie’s blog. Tune in next month for another deep dive into one of our cannabis varieties.

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