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It’s a new month and another strain review from the Smokey Okie’s team of growers. In the August heat, we know that many smokers are looking for something that has a solid experience and is also refreshing in terms of smell and flavor. To this end, we have started to cultivate Tic Tax, which just like last month’s blog post on Tropical Runtz, speaks to the name of the famous candy.

Our team of cannabis experts dedicated the time to hunting down the best pheno of the many Tic Tax seeds we planted in order to find the diamond in the rough. Pheno hunting refers to the way in which cannabis growers hand-select their preferred phenotype after popping a bunch of seeds of the same strain and then scouting for the very best pheno worth keeping. The goal is to optimize the strain for the best yield, THC, look, smell, terpene which ultimately produces the best consumer experience.

Tic Tax Cannabis Strain Description

Tic Tax cannabis was developed by Bulletproof Genetics and comes from a lineage of Deep Breath and Ice Cream Mintz. The “mint” portion of the Tic Tax cannabis strain descends from the Kush Mints strain, which was created by Seed Junky Jbeezy. Seed Junky Jbeezy is a famous West Coast breeder, known for Kush Mints, as well as other popular strains such as Wedding Cake. Our team was excited to pheno hunt this strain because of its well-regarded lineage and the flavor and experience that it brings with it.

Tic Tax Strain Flavor Profile

As you can likely surmise by the name, Tic Tax delivers a minty and refreshing flavor, but also a deep chemical side for those who seek a refreshing but gassy flavor. The mother strain here, Icecream Mintz, delivers the creamy, minty and sweet cake flavor while Deep Breath, the father strain, brings home the pungent chemical aroma and flavor creating the perfect combination of candy mints and marijuana tastes and smells. It also puts off a bit of a bright and energizing aroma of orange and pine.

Tic Tax is new to our strain line-up and our team has selected the phenos that will bring about the best yield and the highest quality and level of terpenes and THC, coupled with a comprehensive flavor profile.

Smoking Experience with Tic Tax Cannabis

Our Tic Tax cannabis strains sit high on the THC scale with about 23% THC levels and another 27% in cannabinoids, chiefly limonene (from the Wedding Cake portion of the lineage) and Beta-Caryophyllene.

High levels of the limonene terpene can be associated with lemony flavors, but not necessarily. It has been associated with elevated moods and the ability to relieve stress. The Beta-caryophyllene doubles down on the stress relief as it is known to help with pain management, anxiety and depression.[1] It is also the type of terpene that helps to open brain receptors and allow us to experience the benefits of other cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN. This strain is aimed at enhancing your mood and reducing your stress with a refreshing taste and flavor accompanying it.

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[1] What is Caryophyllene Terpene? What Does It Do?silverstemcannabis.com


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