Need 10 lbs. of different strains delivered to your store? Not a problem. At Smokey Okies, we deliver pounds of cannabis every day!

And just in time for Spring are the new packaging we have for all of our pounds.

Check out:

Oklahoma dispensaries can call in their order over the phone or come by our store and shop our inventory in person. We will bust out the C-Vault curing containers and let you shop a la carte, deli-style.

You can buy pounds or half pounds, or mix n match strains for a slight up-charge (example, four quarter pounds of different strains).

Oklahoma Dispensaries must have a consistent supply of quality flower

Smokey Okies is a reliable source of cannabis for your Oklahoma dispensary. Because we harvest frequently, on a weekly basis, we are able to provide you with a consistent supply of flower every week.

Prior to packaging our flower for market, each and every bud is inspected, manicured by hand, and bagged to order. When you purchase from Smokey Okies, you can expect that your purchase will arrive in a presentable fashion: nice packagages, full of quality buds, within minimal stems, no trim, no larf, and no popcorn buds.

Our pounds consist only of big fat nugs (relevant to that particular strain), as we separate the small buds from the larger buds. Small buds are bagged and sold separately, at a discounted price.

To get in contact with a sales rep, send an email to and tell us about your retail shop.




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