Have you ever wanted to feel like a part of the famous hip hop group Big Tymers? Well now is your chance with this strain bred by Relentless Genetics! Today we will be breaking down #1 Stunna as we’re jumping out of Lexus’s and Hummers.  Before we dance our way into what makes this strain so great, let’s learn a bit about its parents 

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 The Lineage of the #1 Stunna cannabis strain

The #1 Stunna strain descends from two very promising parents: Twisted Velvet and Rozay.

Twisted Velvet is one of those strains that you consume in order to have a damn good time. It has effects that counter balance each other. Twisted Velvet will give you a sense of euphoria coupled with the giggles. Further into the consumption you’ll start to relax and ultimately become sleepy.  It tastes like peaches, berries cream and kush.  

 Rozay, bred by Relentless Genetics, is a strain we have grown and reviewed previously. Relentless created Rozay by crossing the notorious Sunset Sherbet with their beautiful Purple Bomb.  Get ready to love life like your wine glass is half full, because Rozay is here and it is absolutely going to stay. It holds its own with its  tartness and its sweet relief of berries and cream that linger blissfully. This strain is excellent to cross with due to its versatility in effects.  

Knowing this strain had stellar parents, we were excited to plant these seeds and begin our pheno hunt. We purchased two packs of regular seeds directly from the breeder, and got to hunting! We filmed our final picks in this video.

Cannabis Strain Review: #1 Stunna by Relentless Genetics 

#1 Stunna has an image to keep. Named after the hit song by Big Tymers due to its vibrant personality and appearance. It has an ungodly amount of purple coursing through the entirety of the bud. There are specs of greens that form a gradient throughout the calyxes and bracts. The bud structure is fluffy with a bit of density to it. This makes it perfect for rolling joints!  


 Sweet, skunky, creamy and chalk full of spicy berries. #1 Stunna has officially made my list of unique strains with insane aromas.  I love this one because it reminds me of a relaxing night in the woods next to a campfire with a glass of bourbon. On the initial toke you’ll notice a lot of skunk and creamy facets that are followed by a spicy berry flavor that lingers almost indefinitely.   


I do not often come across strains with a profile as #1 Stunna has.  It starts off with a smoky bourbon flavor that is urgently followed by a spicy berry facet.  This is of course just the initial toke. After you exhale you will notice a creamy robustness that masks the super earthy undertones.  I’m a big fan of this profile solely because I can enjoy a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks while smoking with out the flavors clashing.    


Are you looking to confuse the heck out of your body into submission? Well, this strain is like smoking a wild card from uno. It gives you a supremely euphoric sensation that makes you giggly and happy. This is followed by a relaxing pain relief that will usher you into slumber if you’re not careful. I enjoyed this strain while hiking, knowing I would want to fully relax once I reached my destination. This strain certainly does it’s job if you hire it knowing it’s profile.  I recommend this strain for those who need a pain relief coupled with an antidepressant. This works swimmingly when coupled with CBD as well.  


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