We’ve been excited to launch a strain that represents our home town, as we believe Oklahoma should be viewed as a top contender in the world of cannabis. We swiped some beans from our friends at Bulletproof Genetics, hunted the genetics and found a pheno representative of the place we call home.

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About the Lineage of the OKC strain, aka Oklahoma Kush

Our hometown’s namesake strain is comprised of some worthy genetics, descending from two heavy hitters:

  • Oakland Kush is a strain with a mysterious and esoteric background, which is rather fitting when creating a new strain to represent a new era of midwest USA cannabis. Ambiguous as she might be, we can surmise that Oakland Kush is responsible for giving O.K.C. its buzzing and tingling sensation and it’s robust flavor.
  • CherryWanna, a landmark of Bulletproof Genetics is a strain that we have quite a bit of familiarity with. We have grown a number of cultivars crossed with this hitter, including ABC’s, Tea Party, and Vegas Bomb, as well as the namesake herself. Here is what we’ve learned about CherryWanna: it adds weight and potency to anything it is crossed with. It is fantastic for increasing yield and THC percentage in an existing strain.

With a combination of tart cherry and diesel, CherryWanna’s effects are equally remarkable, providing a well-balanced high that gracefully combines relaxation and invigoration.

Using these genetic parents, we present to you: OKC.

Reviewing the “OKC strain,” aka Oklahoma Kush

OKC’s appearance is truly mesmerizing, boasting dense buds that catch the eye at first glance. The buds are tightly packed, showcasing a soft gradient of light green hues that captivate the beholder.

Upon closer inspection, one cannot help but notice the striking contrast provided by the abundance of vibrant orange pistils that weave their way throughout the buds, adding a touch of warmth to the overall aesthetic. However, what truly sets OKC apart is its heavy trichome coverage that shimmers like a fine layer of dew, giving the buds a lustrous and enticing appearance.


O.K.C. is a strain soon to be known for its captivating aroma that engages the senses. Upon opening the container, a wave of sweet and earthy notes fills the air, accompanied by subtle hints of pine and citrus. The fragrance is both inviting and soothing, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and euphoria. With its complex blend of scents, O.K.C. offers a truly unique olfactory experience that entices users and enthusiasts alike.


The flavor profile of O.K.C. is a fascinating interplay of distinct notes that tantalize the palate. Upon inhalation, a gentle sweetness dances on the taste buds, providing a pleasant and enticing foundation. As the flavor unfolds, subtle chemical-like overtones emerge, adding a touch of intrigue to the experience. Amidst this complexity, a hint of earthiness weaves through, grounding the overall taste. The combination of these elements creates a unique and memorable flavor that keeps users coming back for more.


O.K.C. boasts a well-rounded array of effects that cater to both body and mind. Upon consumption, a soothing wave of relaxation envelops the user, melting away stress and tension. Yet, the strain manages to maintain an engaging and uplifting quality, enhancing creativity and social interactions. Furthermore, O.K.C. exhibits subtle pain-relieving properties, offering relief from discomfort without overwhelming sedation.

The balanced combination of relaxation, engagement, and pain relief makes O.K.C. a versatile choice for various occasions, whether unwinding after a long day or seeking a source of inspiration and relief.


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