Smokey Okies Cannabis presents to you the best pre-roll in Oklahoma.

Ready to grab and go? Pick up one of our 5-Packs. Each pack contains five pre-rolled joints, equal to an eighth-ounce of flower (3.5 grams net weight). We use bamboo paper, and our cones are made in the U.S.A., not overseas.

They burn evenly and smoothly. And we never take shortcuts with what we put inside these cones. Expect only the best when you buy our pre-rolls.

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What is a pre-roll?

A pre-roll is a pre-rolled cannabis joint (or “marijuana cigarette” for the reefer madness crowd).

The benefit of a pre-roll is that it is convenient and ready to go. All of the labor in preparing your herb for consumption – grinding it up, removing the stems, rolling it up – has already been done for you. You just grab and go!

Why do pre-rolls have a bad reputation in Oklahoma?

Most pre-rolls in Oklahoma are not made with actual cannabis flower (bud), but are instead made with the by-product of trimming cannabis flower – the discarded leaves and shake that crumble and fall off the bud during the trimming process.

In other words, most growers, processors, and dispensaries in Oklahoma make their pre-rolls using literal garbage: the stuff we throw away during the harvest process.

Trim is not supposed to be smoked. It burns harsh, and further, lacks the THC, terpene, and cannabinoid content to provide a punch, much less an enjoyable smoking experience.

That is one reason why infused pre-rolls are so popular in Oklahoma. After smoking on what passes for a typical pre-roll in this state, the consumer is left feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. So they switch to an infused pre-roll which is basically the same thing, but we the addition of cheap concentrate. At least now they get high.

But there is a better way.

Why Smokey Okies Cannabis pre-rolls are the best in Oklahoma

We make our pre-roll using single source flower. That means we use a single batch of flower for each pre-roll — we would never combine flower from various batches spanning completely different time periods, although most producers do.

Instead, each pre-roll is strain specific, and is made with 100% top shelf indoor flower.

Our full-flower pre-rolls contain no trim or filler, but only premium bud. Therefore, the experience is the same as if you picked up an eighth from the top shelf and rolled it yourself.

And if you are looking for even more of a punch, we offer an infused version: our single-source Crumble Cones.


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