Need your nights to be a little more vibrant? We have you covered with Rainbows At Night! Bred by Sin City Seeds, this strain has the lineage for a power-packed flavorful experience. Let’s dive right in and discover what makes this one so special.

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Strain Lineage: Zkittlez x White Nightmare

With the famed Zkittlez being the mother plant, Sin City Seeds needed a choice male to pair up with this lady. They chose their proprietary cultivar, White Nightmare, to be the stud. They seemingly made a wise choice, so it would appear to us.

When selecting a new cultivar, we first look to its parents.  There are a multitude of characteristics we look for, but we always evaluate the female version of the strain. Males do not express their genetic code visually.

So when searching for a new strain, we look for growth rate, cell structure and root mass. These three traits will help the offspring express the males DNA when coupled with the characteristics of the female plant.

But as cannabis connoisseurs, we also care about flavor, aroma, and experience.

We know the parent strains to have the following qualities in a female plant:

  • Zkittlez – (Grape Ape x Grapefruit)
    Creative, relaxed, happy and focused. When consuming, you get flavorful notes of berry, grape and sweet grapefruit. This cultivar has an earthy and fruity overtone with facets of sweet herbs.
  • White Nightmare – (Blue Dream x White Moonshine)
    Euphoric, uplifting, energized and focused. When consuming we taste a berry/earthy dynamic that leads to a sweet spicy, almost chemical flavor. Smells of fruity hash and sweet earth.

So we have two parents with fruity flavors.  Let’s couple those flavors with the effects. Combine the the happy and relaxed experiences from the mother strain with the euphoric, focused, energetic experiences to be had from the father strain, and this would seem like a match made in heaven.

The Appearance of the Rainbows At Night nugs

If you are anything like me, then you never get tired of the wide range of aesthetics that cannabis plants can exude. With its dark green base, the bracts are speckled with an intense royal purple that almost make you bow to its beauty. R.A.N. has chunky calyxes with bright orange pistils that loudly announce themselves with their vibrancy.

Its name obviously comes from its appearance, but it also gives us an abstract description of the effects as well! We will discuss the effects later on in the article, for now lets move to the flavor profile!

The Aroma of Rainbows At Night buds

When I received the bag of R.A.N. my nose just wanted to live in it. It smells straight up like gasoline covered fruit. You get notes of the grapefruit in there, but there are also subtle hints of berries and grapes that sneak up on you. When you mill this cultivar the berries and gassy notes explode to create this powerful aroma that will grow hands to pull you closer into it its lustrous fragrance. Regardless of your preference, this is a cultivar that will earn your respect due to its aroma alone.

Flavor Profile of Rainbows At Night Strain

My goodness does this cultivar have an intense flavor. From first toke we get a bountiful facet of grapefruit wrapped with a dynamic of spice and earth. As we exhale, we experience almost a sweet hash flavor that sticks to the tongue as the smoke rolls over it. With this combination, it would pair famously with a glass of mimosa at brunch with your friends!

The Effects of Smoking Rainbows At Night Strain

Having the extremely cerebral effects of the White Nightmare mixed with the incredibly potent attributes of Zkittlez, we discovered a phenotype that is quite functional and uplifting while retaining the relief of chronic pain.

This cultivar will allow you to live free of the aches, both physical and mental, that our daily routines so endearingly provide us. You can expect to feel light on your feet, almost as if you are floating inches above the ground.

My experience with R.A.N. was one worth noting. I spent a full day ingesting only this cultivar and I can admit, with full transparency, this strain is extremely potent.

First toke of the day left me in awe of everything while I got ready for my Saturday. Although a tad spacey, I was able to fly through my morning routine with ease thanks to this flower. Continuing my day at the skatepark with absolutely no pain was the most notable feature of this experience! I was able to fully focus on my body awareness while simultaneously plotting my next move. Rainbows At Night let me fully appreciate my day without sending me too far into space.

Final Thoughts

We love a cultivar that gives you the opportunity to achieve a variety of goals, whether its mathematical or relaxation to its fullest. Rainbows At Night gives you exactly what you need.

If you are someone that has trouble staying focused because of pain or lack of motivation, this cultivar will imbue you with the confidence to tackle your day head on!

We are always looking for opportunities We strive to better our craft and are constantly looking for opportunities to do just that. With this project, we have proven to ourselves our ability to do so.


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