“If you ain’t first, you’re last”. This here Ricki Bobby will most certainly make you feel like a winner throughout your day.

This speedster was built by WolfPack Selections by crossing two incredible strains that have a renowned stance in the cannabis industry, Apple Fritter and Cheetah Piss. These are two evenly balanced hybrids that come together in harmony to create a strain that is paramount to ones cabinet. Before we race into what makes Ricki Bobby come at you like a spider monkey, lets dive into its lineage a little bit.

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About the Breeder: Wolfpack Selections

Wolfpack Selections is a breeding project created by Jay Envy, formerly of Envy Genetics.  At Smokey Okies Cannabis, we are always paying attention to what’s going on within the cannabis breeding scene, and the Wolfpack captured our immediate attention. Killer, exotic flowers, bred using choice parents that are both killer cultivars as well as having current name recognition and popularity.

We quickly snagged their Cheetios (cheetah piss x cereal milk) and were pleasantly surprised when we received a few complimentary packs of Ricky Bobby.

The Lineage of the Ricky Bobby strain

Apple Fritter has been in the multiverse of cultivars for quite some time now. Bred by Lumpy’s Flowers, Apple Fritter has become a nation-wide cult favorite. Here at Smokey Okies Cannabis, we love our Apple Tartz, which is another child of Apple Fritter.

With such a tried and true parent strain, we know going in that Ricky Bobby will have a variety of desirable traits. Crossing with Apple Fritter will give the child strain hints of vanilla and apples. Being a true hybrid, you get the best of both worlds. It helps treat Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Swings and helps reduce Stress.

Cheetah Piss is another evenly balanced hybrid that gives of a gassy, yet creamy lemon aroma and flavor. It helps treat Mood Swings and Reduce Stress while battling Fatigue. It gives off this piquant aroma that entices you further into its clutches. Crossing with this strain will leave the cub with pleasant and propitious traits.

The Aroma and Nose from Ricky Bobby strain

Ricki Bobby lets you know when you are in its presence by its invasive aroma. Don’t let its pungent smell scare you off, underneath Is a pleasant apples and cream facet that is quite inviting. Putting it through a grinder will bring out the sweet vanilla and pungent earthy undertones that make you want to just go fast. It gets its powerful gassy aroma from the Cheetah Piss, while the Apple Fritter lends its apples and cream to the list. Truly smelling like a race day on Sunday.

The Flavor of Ricky Bobby Strain

 If you’re looking for a simple palette, you’re In the wrong place. Ricki Bobbi has a mouth-watering overtone of creamy apples balanced by a lustful earthy undertone that competes for top flavor. On the inhale you get the apples and earthy flavor initially.

It’s on the exhale where that creamy sensation lingers on with the apples. Its reminiscent of an apple tart brushed with sage I had at this whiskey bar. The flavors would pair quite well with a fine beverage as whiskey, as well as foods like vanilla ice cream, apple tarts and honestly it sounds great right before a nice Mediterranean meal.

The Effects and the high from smoking Ricky Bobby strain

“I’m not sure what to do with my hands”. Okay it’s not that dramatic, but it might make you feel like you’re on a spaceship.

This strain not only relieves pain, but it gives you the energy and motivation to look for something you thought you’ve lost for 15 minutes only to find it in the spot you always put it. Ricki Bobby will not only make you make you get up and go, it’ll make your stress and mood swings get up and leave.

In all seriousness, this cultivar is excellent for those who need help balancing their moods or to level out from a stressful day. It’s also fantastic in the aid of pain pain mitigation and helps alleviate depression! Ricki Bobby is quite sterling in the world of cannabis.

Photos of the Ricky Bobby weed strain

Below are the photos taken with magnification:

The cannabis strain Ricky Bobby, taken on the day of harvest, the lens zoomed in to 2.5x magnification. (Photo credit: Rhys Harper)

The cannabis strain Ricky Bobby, taken on the day of harvest, the lens zoomed in to 5x magnification. (Photo credit: Rhys Harper)

The cannabis strain Ricky Bobby, taken on the day of harvest, the lens zoomed in to 10x magnification. (Photo credit: Rhys Harper)


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