Get your pinky ready to fully extend from the pipe  while you puff on this strain. In this article we will be discussing none other than the classy Rozay. Bred by Relentless Genetics by crossing the notorious Sunset Sherbet with their beautiful Purple Bomb.  Get ready to love life like your wine glass is half full, because Rozay is here and it is absolutely going to stay.  Before we dove into this strain much further, let’s learn a little about its parent strains.  

The Lineage of the cannabis strain: Rozay F4

This strain is an F4, which means it is a fourth generation breeding run of Rozay (female) x Rozay (male). Many strains on the market today are F1 seeds, which is why there is so much phenotypic variation among the plants that grow from these seeds. 

But Relentless has been breeding their Rozay for quite some time. Let’s check out who its ancestors were:

Sunset Sherbet really needs no introduction. It’s held its own on the market for quite sometime and it is still sought after for breeding.  This is due to its flavorful Girl Scout Cookies lineage. It has the same impact in effects as GSC but with a more juicy fruit flavor.  It’s known to boost the effects of strains it’s crossed with due to its versatility with its hybrid characteristics.  

Purple Bomb was created by Relentless Genetics as an answer for complete versatility in indica strains. This strain gives off both euphoria and complete sedation. Strains crossed with this will certainly have a balanced effect that packs an insanely powerful punch.   

Pheno Hunting regular seeds of Rozay F4 by Relentless Genetics

We bought a 10-pack of these seeds directly from Relentless Genetics, and here is a snap shot of our final round selections:

As you can see in the video, we narrowed it down to two very different looking phenos. One had much more purple, but the one we chose has much more trichome development. So much so, that it actually made the color of the flower to appear lighter than it actually was. That is the pheno we based this review off of.

Reviewing the Rozay strain based on appearance, nose, and effects 

Rozay looks exactly how you would expect a strain named after a wine should look.  It has light green calyxes with a gradient of white pushing through its tips. On an broader note, it’s bracts contain a variety of dark purple and green hues that give off a warm contrast, the same as a nice burgundy would.  This strain is built to be photographed. It’s lush fan leaves are covered with reddish purple veins that look out of this world.  

 Rozay strain nose and aroma 

Connoisseurs rejoice! For this is a strain that resembles a complex nose much similar to a fine wines profile. Sommeliers would lose their minds pairing Rozay with their favorite blends.  This strain has light notes of sweet cream and fruits that lightly obfuscate its namesakes aroma.  Rozay has a heavy earthy wine aroma that takes up quite a bit of space. It’s known to infiltrate the room after it’s been smoked.   


Do you remember the Flintstone vitamins from the early 2000s? Well Rozay has a striking resemblance to those.  The nostalgia alone is enough for me to stay in the couch and puff on bowl after bowl of this.  It’s tartness is followed by a sweet relief of berries and cream that linger blissfully. Some phenotypes will pull a fruit roll up flavor that melts on your tongue. This f4 phenotype pulls more a bitter and sour flavor that is just as welcoming on the taste buds.  


Rozay is a strain that can provide an easy going high that allows you to pursue your day unhindered. At its core we use it as a back pocket tool to keep us functional. It’s known to reduce anxiety and stress along with minor fits of depression. It has anti inflammatory properties that will help ease your muscles and provide you with a bit of pain relief. Rozay is essentially a the multi tool you would want to bring with you on a deserted island.  


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