The cannabis world is on fire for Runtz varieties right now. There are so many variations, so many fun flavors and so much hype surrounding the strain. Let’s unpack all the great aspects of Runtz, why people love them, how they have become such a strong trend, and discuss all the Runtz strains you can get from Smokey Okie’s at one of our partner dispensaries. Each strain offers a unique flavor, a unique aroma and a unique experience. 

Runtz is Having a Moment

To start, Runtz was named Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2020 and is poised to remain at the forefront for 2021, as well. 

From the popularity of the original breeder to the sweet candy flavor, Runtz has taken the market by storm over the past 18 months. We have narrowed down the popularity of Runtz to three main reasons–the sound lineage, the flavor and the hard-hitting high. 

Lineage and Flavor

Runtz strains range from candy sweet to cake and cookie flavors, which makes sense given its lineage. With parents like Zkittles and Gelato, you get a mix of candy plus baked goods and creamy dessert flavors. When you realize that Zkittles is a crossbreed of Grape Ape and Grape Fruit, while Gelato pairs Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbert, it is clear why Runtz strains are sweet and agreeable to almost any palette. 

The Runtz Smoking Experience

In terms of the high that Runtz will give you, don’t be fooled by its sweet and playful name or flavor. With consistently high THC, smoking Runtz will begin with an energetic and exhilarating high that will slowly begin to have you feeling melted into your couch. 

Runtz has a high that leaves smokers feeling relaxed and helps relieve anxiety and insomnia, two struggles that many folks have said have gotten worse with the dawn of COVID-19. 63% of people living with depression and/or anxiety have reported having worse or much worse symptoms since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] Further, the Cleveland Clinic has stated that “stress-related insomnia due to COVID-19 is definitely a thing, and it even has a name: coronasomnia”. [2] It makes sense why a happy flavor and a marijuana that can help alleviate stress would win the 2020 Strain of the Year award.

Runtz Strains at Smokey Okie’s

Apple Tartz

If you’re looking for spectacular flavor, along with a relaxed high, Apple Tartz is a strain you should try. It’s great for kicking back in the evenings or, with a taste of Apple Jacks cereal, perfect for a weekend morning smoking experience.

Because it descends from parents Apple Fritter and Runtz, Apple Tartz marries our love of baked goods strains with sweetness of Gelato-esque dessert. What results is a cookie dough smell with a hint of apple spice and is sure to be one of your next favorite strains descending from Runtz/Cookies lineage.

Your experience with Apple Tartz will be relaxed, but still lucid and not weak or sedated. It’s been said that Apple Tartz is the perfect Friday night strain, and we don’t disagree. We’ve found this strain is really perfect for any occasion: socializing with friends, boosting creativity, and definitely for relaxing on the couch when the time is ready. 

And what’s also special about Apple Tartz is its appearance. It’s stunning, and draws much attention even on a crowded top shelf at a busy dispensary. Patients and customers are drawn to the jar, and once viewed, you can’t help but want to smell it, and eventually taste it. For dispensaries looking for a top shelf show stopper, this fits the bill rather nicely.

Red Pop Runtz

Red Pop Runtz is equally sweet, but has more of a red berry or strawberry flavor, with a creamy undertone. Red Pop Runtz has a fruity flavor similar to the Pop Rocks candy that it’s named after. It offers a relaxing and sedating high. It is also known to help you sleep and has a tendency to make you hungry, so if you’re looking for a boost to your weight, this one will have you headed for the kitchen. 

Red Pop Runtz can help with pain, nausea and stress, as well, from it’s sedating and calming effects that help to sedate the whole body and relax your muscles. If you’re looking for a candy flavor with sedating effects, look no further than Red Pop Runtz from Smokey Okie’s. 

Knockout Runtz

With a name like Knockout Runtz, you can imagine what to expect. It definitely delivers a knockout punch effect in terms of the high and the smell, as well as its grape flavor. It has a dank smell and sparkles with trichomes all over it. The high is strong and heavy-hitting, highly sedative and is best for when you have time to relax for extended periods. 

Tropical Runtz

Tropical Runtz was one of our summer strains at Smokey Okie’s and will take you away to a tropical paradise with it’s citrus take on the Runtz strain. Tropical Runtz brings with it heavy amounts of the linalool, limonene, and nerolidol terpenes. This combination presents in a very happy fruity taste, but ends in a sedative high that is uber-relaxing and great for stress relief. The high creates a heavy mellow heady high feeling with some tingling and helps to unwind your mind, making it a great unwind at the end of a long day to take the edge off.

Greasy Runtz

Runtz is not without its strains that are outside the fruity sweet profile. Looking for the high of Runtz without the candy taste? Greasy Runtz will deliver on that ask. Created by Exotic Genetix in Washington state, Greasy Runtz is the product of Exotic Mike’s Grease Monkey and Runtz. Still sticky and hard-hitting, Greasy Runtz has a diesel taste and aroma that will satisfy the gas lovers of the cannabis world who dare to dive into the world of Runtz strains.

You can learn about all our strains at Smokey Okie’s by visiting our online strain catalog.


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