This article follows are last discussion on why it is important to find a reliable grower in Oklahoma to supply your dispensary with quality flower.

Of all the products that you carry in your dispensary, your flower is going to be the flagship product. Unless you specialize in carrying concentrates or have a concentrate-savvy demographic, the general profile of your customer who purchases smokable products will be shopping for flower. And since flower is going to be one of your top-selling products, you are going to need a steady stream of flower being supplied to your store on a regular basis.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of choosing a grower with open lines of communication and transparency.

A Reliable Cannabis Grower should be available when you need them

Of primary importance is being able to get ahold of your grower when you need him or her! This is basic stuff when it comes to good business practices.

To have a good wholesale relationship, you have to be able to get ahold of your supplier. And that means that the supplier – in this case, your commercial cannabis grower – needs to run a proper business, which means having an office to receive inbound communication, like phone calls, emails, and written correspondence. And then needs to have the infrastructure to reciprocate: timely organize those calls, emails, letters, and text messages, and schedule a time to respond to them all!

A Reliable Cannabis Grower should timely respond to phone calls and emails

It goes without saying that a reliable and trustworthy cannabis grower is only trustworthy and reliable if you can get ahold them and they actually listen to voice mails, and return calls.

You, the Oklahoma dispensary owner, need to have a stable business relationship with the company that is supplying your cannabis flower. You cannot have a stable business relationship if you cannot communicate regularly about all of the necessary things you need to know on a regular basis, such as current inventory; prices; batch numbers; lab test results; questions about a bad product or wrong delivery; issues with the product quality; and payment arrangements.

It is impossible to run a business that sells cannabis if you can’t be in constant communication with the party you are getting the cannabis from…. yet that is all too common a scenario in the current Oklahoma medical marijuana market. Dispensary owners buy flower from one grower, are dissatisfied, and then cannot get ahold of him to discuss the quality issues. Or a dispensary buys flower that they love, yet are unable to place a purchase order to buy it again and have to settle for less from another source.

Smokey Okies Cannabis has the highest standards of customer service

At Smokey Okies Cannabis, we practice the highest standards of customer service. We are in constant contact with our customers, before and after a sale. If there is a problem, our customers can easily get ahold of us to discuss the issue. And, in part because that, we have very little problems and issues with our customers.

Prospective buyers can easily contact us through our website – say, to request a current strain list or price sheet — or they can call us directly, at the office or on the cell phone of any of our sales representatives.

Our clients rest easily after purchasing with us because they know that if there is a problem, we will handle it professionally, ethically, and responsibly. And because of that, we seldom have problems. This gives our customers confidence in our company, which in turn creates confidence in our products.

It is easy to trust the product when you know a good company stands behind it. And a good company is one that is trustworthy, does the right thing, and is always open to listening to the customer.

Smokey Okies provides Premium Cannabis and Premium Service that exceeds the price of its products

Many dispensaries will scout the land for the lone grower who has a large batch willing to sell at a ridiculously low price that will nearly put the grower out of business. Those types of relationships never last; for one, the grower has priced himself out of existence; but two, that type of relationship lacks the service necessary to make it last. A business relationship, like any relationship, requires good communication by both parties.

What we often see with bargain-bin growers is that they aren’t around to discuss the important stuff when you need them, such as missing batch numbers or incorrect labs or product quality or other questions about the product transparency: origin of the product; how it was grown; types of pesticides used, and at what stage of the photo-period cycle, and the list goes on. Which is why those growers don’t last and the purchasing dispensary is constantly on the hunt for that reliable cannabis grower who can build a lasting wholesale relationship.

On the other hand, the dispensary who looks at the long game realizes the value in building a trustworthy relationship with a cultivator who maintains professional and ethical business standards. These dispensaries work with professional cultivators like Smokey Okies Cannabis and receive much more value in service than what they pay for in dollars each and every time!

About Smokey Okies Cannabis

Smokey Okies Cannabis is a premium supplier of cannabis flower in Oklahoma. All flower is grown in-door and fed only the highest quality nutrients. We cut no corners when it comes to feeding or supplementing our plants.

Our plants are hang-dried and then dry-trimmed by hand. Our product comes from a clean environment, as our grow team takes great care in maintaining a high standard of sanitation at our facility.

Our company is family owned and our plants get a lot of love – they are overseen daily by our growers, who observe, monitor and care for our plants.

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