Cakes and cream. What could be better? Add weed to it, that’s how. And that’s what we have grown, with the help of our new strain seeds from In-House Genetics. Cakes ‘N Cream is a net new strain to the Smokey Okie’s portfolio, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. It’s sweet and pungent and has looks to kill with a shiny coating. Learn more about it and decide if it’s next on your list to try.

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Cakes ‘N Cream Lineage

Cakes ‘N Cream comes from two shiny stars of the cannabis world, Platinum and Pancakes. Together, they made a love child that has a stunning look, a stunning flavor and a stunning high. When learning about a new strain, it’s all about the genetics, so let’s take a look at the parents to get an idea of what to expect from Cakes ‘N Cream.

  • Platinum (UW Hash Plant x Permafrost)
    This is Platinum from In-House Genetics and is not to be confused by the more widely known Platinum OG. The version used by In-House in their breeding projects is a creation all their own (which would make sense, you don’t use only other’s genetics to make a strain, you have to use something that is your own). It definitely contributes to the bling bling jewelry good looks of this strain.
  • Pancakes (Kush Mints #11 x London Poundcake)
    On the other end of the flavor and high spectrum is Pancakes. Pancakes is another collaboration between Cookies and Seed Junky Genetics, and descends from Cookies’ London Poundcake and Seed Junky’s Kush Mints. This sweet and sticky strain smells like a warm buttery stack of hotcakes that you want to just dig into. It also has a ton of trichomes, so combining it with Platinum ups the ante on the stunning visuals of Cakes ‘N Cream. In terms of flavor, the name says it all. Buttery, sweet berry flavors and battery tastes leave all the sweet strain flavor chasers as happy as can be. The high is heady and euphoric. It brings you energy and uplifts you brings you focus.

Together, these two parents make a unique strain that we know you’re going to love.

Flavor Profile

Cakes ‘N Cream brings in the best of both worlds from its parents and delivers a sweet flavor that is unique. It’s got the sweet, caramel buttery flavor that comes from Pancakes (think of a hot toddy) with a creamy accent that melts in your mouth. Cakes ‘N Cream also has a hint of a spicy coffee finish that comes from Platinum. Essentially, you are smoking a stack of pancakes with whipped cream and a cup of coffee. Wake and bake, anyone?

Smoking Experience

Overall, Cakes ‘N Cream really pulls from it’s mother here in terms of the high. It does have a slight calming effect from the head high that Platinum brings, but it is way more energizing and uplifting than it is sedative. We suggest this strain for use in the morning, or to help with anxiety, pain, insomnia or depression. 

We are loving the relationships that we build with our trusted seed breeders and with our customers. We continue to provide Oklahomians with high-quality trustworthy cannabis, with weekly harvests and service you can rely on. Check out our full stain catalog online and join our mailing list below to stay up to date with the best in Oklahoma cannabis. 


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