Ladies and gentleman, this cat has claws.

Sugar Puss is a cross between Cheetah Piss and Bakers Dozen and was created by Exotic Genetix. Hailing from Tacoma, Washington originally, Exotic Genetix is well versed in the cannabis community and the proof is in the pudding. They have recognition from cannabis cups for their flower and hash and continue to pump out renowned cultivars for the world to enjoy.

Before we dive into what makes Sugar Puss an outstanding addition to ones cabinet, lets learn a bit about their parent strains, Cheetah Piss and Bakers Dozen.

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The Lineage of Sugar Puss marijuana strains

Cheetah Piss is a strain that we’ve seen lately during our pheno-hunts here at Smokey-Okies. Known for its creamy and sour flavors that coat the palette and its truly balanced effects, Cheetah Piss is a supreme candidate for those looking to create a true hybrid strain that packs a punch for flavor.

Bakers Dozen is a flagship for those who love sativas but do not  want the cerebral heady high that comes with them. With its creamy and lemon flavors backed by a facet of gassy earthiness, Bakers Dozen will leave you focused and motivated to accomplish your daily tasks.

Combine these two strains together and you get a plant that stands out in a crowded grow room. According to our grow team, every time you turn a corner in the room, the Sugar Puss plant is what you smell. Let’s review what the finished, cured buds smell like as we take them home from the dispensary.

The Aroma of Sugar Puss weed strain

Normally when you associate lemon smells you don’t get a robust hints of savory garlic on the undertones. Most of the time one or the other will be the dominant facet, but here we have them working together to create this stunning scent. Our Harvest Manager has described the aroma as a sort of chicken noodle soup with a sweet funk, and some PH downer liquid.

For me personally, it carries a nostalgia of my grandmothers kitchen with its sweet and savory aromas dancing through the atmosphere. Sugar Puss is a strain that easily sets itself apart solely due to its fascinating aroma. This is due to both the parent strains having a bit of a sour and tangy facet to their profile.

The Flavor of Sugar Puss strain

As interesting as its aroma, Sugar Puss has a flavor that only a handful of strains have matched. For me it has a lemon and sage overtone that doesn’t linger too long on the inhale. As you breathe out, the garlic and lemon come together in matrimony to give you this lemongrass flavor that subtly and smoothly dissipates soon after the exhale.

We get notes of both the parent strains best features. The creamy sourness from the Cheetah Piss works in the best of ways with the lemony gassy flavors exuding from the Bakers Dozen!

I enjoyed this strain through some nice clean water pipe and with a glass of lavender tea. It pairs excellent with citrus fruits and light beverages, especially on a hot sunny day.

The Effects and the High from smoking Sugar Puss strain

Sugar Puss is one of the strains that I thoroughly enjoy in smaller doses. You absolutely do not need to smoke a large amount to get the effects this strain was created for.  It gives you this nice clean high that lets you stay level and motivated while giving you a sense of euphoria. It’s perfect for those simple Sunday chores that are typically mundane.

In larger doses you can expect to feel a blanket of energy and euphoria that allows you to melt into your body and cure away any agitations. Now this is quite a desirable effect and may entice you to roast those bowls, but be prepared to set those chores aside while your inner child takes control!

This strain is excellent for those who are looking for a giggly and uplifting high that will last you throughout the day. It will leave you relaxed in the end so do prepare for a nap afterwards!


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