At Smokey Okies, we like to change with the seasons. Sure, we have some house favorites that we run year long, but for the most part, we change things up to keep our menu fresh. We also like to ensure that our dispensary customers have new stock, so they can keep their customers happy.

This summer, we grew some new strains, one of them being Apple Tartz by Clearwater Genetics.

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New Strain in Oklahoma: Apple Tartz Lineage

Apple Tartz was bred by Clearwater Genetics, and is a cross of the ever-so-popular Runtz with Apple Fritter, another nor-cal strain.

Runtz is a very popular strain from the very well known and established Cookies Fam. The Cookies Fam are based in the Bay Area and have grown some of the most famous and iconic strains, most notably, the original Girl Scout Cookies, now know as GSC or simply “Cookies” to avoid conflict with the organization of the same name.

It seems like everything the Cookies Fam puts out is a hit, and Runtz is no different. It presently is well hyped, and adding to the hype is the fact that the seeds are rare and not generally available. But there are many, many Runtz crosses coming out in 2020, and Apple Tartz is one of them.

Apple Tartz Growing Characteristics

Our experience with this strain was that it had a huge and almost continuous post-vegetative stretch. We like our indica bushes, and so we make sure to double top this plant in veg. This strain still grows very tall in flower, and drinks a lot. You can feed this plant often. She will drink it up and the yield will show. If left untamed, the vines will grow wild, so definitely trellis and train this one. But she will yield the most beautiful nugs, dominated by purple but also green and gray.

If you have space for a plant that stretches and grows tall, this would work well. If you run a sea-of-green or Screen-of-Green, or otherwise prefer bushy indica plants, this strain may not work with your growing practices.

We utilize a SROG canopy, and this strain made canopy management a difficult task. Nevertheless, the end product was a show stopper and the cured flower we produced was absolute top shelf quality.

Apple Tartz flavor profile

This strain is high in the following terpenes:

This strain is high THC and also has high terp profile of 3.5%. Our lab results are pictured below.

The taste is rather nuanced. There is a bit of sweet with spice, with comparisons being made to Apple Jacks cereal. The author finds notes of cookie dough inside this phenotype, and others have found it to have a “kick,” likely from the cinnamon spice of the Caryophyllene. The overall high is relaxing but not sedating, and therefore is great for that Friday night stress reduction after a long week.

The visual appearance of Apple Tartz is stunning, and draws much attention even on a crowded top shelf at a busy dispensary. Patients and customers are drawn to the jar, and once viewed, you can’t help but want to smell it, and eventually taste it. For dispensaries looking for a top shelf show stopper, this fits the bill rather nicely.

This strain debuted on our July 20, 2020 Menu, and continues to appear in regular rotation.

About Smokey Okies Cannabis

Smokey Okies Cannabis is a family owned cultivation company serving central Oklahoma. We work hard to bring quality flower to Dispensaries, and the patients and customers they serve. Our flower is grown indoors, and we take pride in our operational capabilities. We are very well managed, and that is reflected in our yield, our quality, and our prices.

We are the best grower to work with from a business and service standpoint. We harvest weekly, and have a fresh menu every week, so that your retail store will never be short on flower or variety of strains. We can deliver product to your store on a recurring basis, and we also have a wholesale show room where you can browse our inventory, look at upcoming harvests, and places orders and pre-orders, all in a comfortable, safe and professional environment.

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