The year 2020 is the start of a new decade, and what a year it has been. Our company was founded in July 2018, began cultivating and operating in April 2019, harvested our first crop in August 2019, and started the year 2020 with only 3/4 of our flowering rooms up and running.

We tried to learn as much as we could from the mistakes of 2019, and month by month we tried to improve. We tried to improve our operating procedures, our grow practices, the genetics we were running, and we began more selectively pheno hunting by the end of the year.

We dealt with the impacts of COVID-19, and kept pushing forward.

We increased our production, and revenue, each subsequent quarter of 2020. We increased the quality of our end product, and we made every attempt to work harder, work smarter, and get better each and every passing month.

By the time December rolled around, we were quite proud of the team we had built and we were ready to celebrate the accomplishments of the year, and the opportunities that await us in the new year.

Smokey Okies annual Christmas party held in the Plaza District for the second year in a row

We again chose the Plaza District for our holiday party. The district is cannabis friendly, and is a beautiful scene during the holidays, with the lights that drape the bars and businesses up and down the street.  A great place to casually smoke a joint while taking a stroll, or to pass around a bong on the sidewalk under the city lights.

Below are some clips of us having fun celebrating the year’s end.

Smokey Okies Cannabis party videos

We created a nice collage of all of our clips. YouTube of course has age restricted the content, but I guess we are lucky they haven’t deleted it or our account.

Here are some videos not uploaded to YouTube that are just raw footage of good cannabis and good times.


“Wanna hit a bag”

Taabish shows everyone how to use the Volcano.

Dabs and secret Santa, among the festivities enjoyed. We had budders made from our Star Pupil, Super Lemon Haze, and Cheese.

So that was a great party! Great times with great people. We are looking forward to continuing this tradition every year, and it will only get better!


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