Ready to feel the fizz? This strain is brought to you by Umami Seeds, so you know it’s going to be absolutely ferocious. Built upon two strains that are high THC yielders, smoking this strain is guaranteed to give you that bubbly sensation you’re looking for in a strain called Tropic Soda.

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The lineage of Tropic Soda strain

To understand more about this strain we will first learn a bit about its parent strains!

  • Cherry Lime Soda is an indica dominant strain that facilitates relaxation and euphoria. Another staple in Umami’s vault of exotics. Smoking this is reminiscent of a fizzy cherry Sprite on a scolding hot day. This prophet child of Umami Seeds has greatness in its blood due to the Cherry Flambé.
  • Double Dutch Soda is a strain that’s built like a smoothie.  It has Tangie and Dutch Treat giving it its fruity and creamy flavors. Double Dutch Soda is a indica leaning hybrid that leaves the patient feeling pain free and relaxed without being too sleepy.

Tropic Soda cannabis strain 

Tropic Soda is quite the vibrant specimen. It has bright green bracts and calyxes that are complimented by its enticing fiery orange pistils. It reminds me of a margarita with Tajin on a sunny day! Known to grow large dense buds, this plant produces in abundance. Because of its resinous buds and it’s ability to produce large nugs, this strain is perfect for squishing to make concentrate!

The Aroma of Tropic Soda

Tropic Soda is. strain that can be a bit confusing with its plethora of contradicting aromas.  In the bag you get a cheesy and earthy aroma that is followed up by a Kushy facet.  After you grind it up, a potent citrus smell takes over the airspace like it’s Goose from Top Gun. This is a strain that will entice patients into it’s web based off aroma alone!

The Flavor

Not many strains have a diverse of a palette like Tropic Soda does. Here at Smokey Okies, we have sought out strains that are not only medicinally viable, we strive for uniqueness and diversity in profile! This strain meets our criteria with its kush and cheesy flavor on initial inhale. This is followed by a supremely citrus and creamy tone that lingers on the forefront of your tongue. Tropic Soda balances the sweet with the savory in its own unique way, and we are absolutely here for it!

The Strain Effects

Smoking Tropic Soda will give you a mental fuzzines that you feel behind the eyes. This feeling is followed by a relaxing and calming effect that works it’s way down your body. Tropic Soda will strangely make you feel like you’re a freshly opened bottle of pop fizzing up to the brim. Because of its indica effects, you may feel a bit sleepy during the comedown. But don’t let that stop you from playing video games or reading your favorite book in the meantime! It has initial euphoric effects that take are stimulating.

In Conclusion: Tropic Soda is excellent hybrid

Tropic Soda is an indica leaning  hybrid that is excellent for muscle pain and as a sedative. It has sativa properties that allows the patient to enjoy a euphoric sensation that lasts a while before the comedown. Patients can expect a carefree mind coupled with relaxed body that’s relieved of pain. This would be great for those who suffer from PTSD and chronic pain.  Try enjoying it with a citrusy drink for enhanced flavor!


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