As we wrap up our exploration into the vegetative state of cannabis growth, let’s look back and review everything that we have covered. During this series, we looked at the various aspects of care during the vegetative stage that bring success as you work to grow marijuana.

What is the vegetative stage of marijuana growth?

The vegetative stage of marijuana growth is the longest stage and happens after the plant becomes a seedling and before it is ready to flower. Essentially, the vegetative stage is the growing period for the marijuana plant. The vegetative stage is vital because it lays the foundation for the success and yield of the plant in the future. The more that the cannabis plant can optimize growth during the vegetative stage, the more flower and product it can produce.
Our post about the vegetative stage of cannabis growth will teach you how to train and trim your plants, how to simulate the necessary day and night cycles using artificial lights, and how to manage all the other elements to increase your growth success. If you’re new to this series, that post would be a great place to start.

How to choose the best nutrients for the vegetative stage

Without the right nutrients, plants will not thrive. Cannabis, specifically, needs three specific nutrients in large quantities– nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients make up what growers call the NPK ratio. This combination of nutrients helps to fertilize the flower and optimize growth and health. Additionally, cannabis plant growth benefits from a number of other macro and micronutrients during the vegetative stage. This informative post about nutrients necessary to the growth of marijuana plants also provides insight into reading and understanding fertilizer labels.

How to determine how long marijuana should be in the vegetative stage for the best yield

Because the proper time frame for the vegetative stage can vary so greatly, we need to use other methods to determine when it’s time to flower them. You also have to ensure proper techniques and tooling are leveraged to increase flower yield and transition healthily from vegetative to flowering stages.

You can introduce your cannabis plants to the flowering stage by decreasing their dark periods, as this will hasten the buds’ production and flowering process. And knowing when to flower your plant is a crucial part of success. Too early, and you greatly reduce your yield. Too late and you risk burned buds or lots of overgrowth. Check out the full post on this topic to learn more.

How to care for marijuana during the vegetative stage

From knowing the proper amount of water to understanding how you can trim and train your plant to increase the flower power and create more buds for you, this post covers it all. We provide all the necessary tips and tricks to help you cultivate how, in what shape and in what direction your plant grows, increasing the density and number of buds. This can be accomplished using certain trimming techniques, along with clearing dead leaves and bending, which includes tying down taller branches to maintain uniform shape, making lighting easier, as well.

What’s On Deck

Loving all the cannabis education that we provide? Up next is a series all about finding the best strain for you. Hint: THC isn’t everything. We can help you determine how all the elements of a marijuana strain will affect the high it gives and some pointers to determine what might be a good selection for you. Stay tuned!


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