Are you ready for your next favorite Saturday morning sidekick? This strain will make the weekend early risers rejoice!

Brought to us by Pacific Northwest Roots, this heater is guaranteed to put a little extra pep in your step. Velvet Koffee (Velvet Purps F8 x Koffee F5) descends from two very old cultivars, both from legendary west coast breeders.

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Velvet Koffee weed strain lineage

Velvet Purps F8 was created by Sun Roots Farm. It’s indica genetics, JahGoo x Magic Bus (itself being a back cross of JahGoo and T2) make it an extremely viable plant to be used as a relaxant or pain reliever.

Koffee , or Kaya’s Koffee, is the landmark strain of Pacific NW Roots, and one they have refined repeatedly through many generations. Velvet Koffee’s father was a fifth generation or F5 version of Koffee.

Reviewing the weed strain Velvet Koffee

Velvet Koffee has bright green with a darker shade of green flowing through its bracts. It has even brighter pistils reaching out to you from its nug. You can see a gradient of deep purples is some variants as well. This flower grows on a plant that has an insane trichome coverage. This could be an incredibly viable option for those who like concentrates!

Aroma of Velvet Koffee strain

Velvet Koffee is chalk full of interesting facets for its aroma. On the overtones you’ll pick up a Spicy berry scent that is followed by a sour backbone of earthy and robust smells. It has almost an astringent aroma that fills the air.

Flavor of Velvet Koffee strain

Want something to enjoy while your sipping on that cup of coffee? Well this strain pairs perfectly with that profile.  It starts off with a sweet and nutty flavor that’s followed by a tangy, almost sour taste.  It has a lovely robust flavor through and through that is coupled with a deeet and creamy tone. I know, Velvet Koffee has quite the complex profile, but that makes it all the more enjoyable for those connoisseurs!

Velvet Koffee weed strain effects

This strain will almost give you cognitive dissonance because of its functionality. Do you want to relax and be a potato? Do you want to go for a run, read a book or play video games? Well, Velvet Koffee won’t hold you back from doing any of these!

It has a motivating onset that couples quite well with the caffeinated effects of coffee. This is a tingly sensation that is quite subtle during its start.  After a few moments you’ll start to notice a boost In your motive. While feeling a bit of pain relief you’ll notice your anxieties digress.

This strain is excellent for those outgoing introverts who suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety.  It could be used for insomniacs as well! I recommend adding this strain to your cabinet of holistic medicine, if you can get your hands on it!


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