If you’re looking for a strain that will hit you like a Viking, look no further.  Vikings Milk is a powerfully delicate strain that is as tasteful as it is aromatic.

Being a creation by Elev8 Seeds, you can expect nothing less than exceptional traits from this beautiful strain. Vikings Milk brings the Netherlands to the United States in an agricultural aspect.

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The Lineage of Viking Milk: Dutch Crunch x Cereal Milk

Before we review the wonderful Viking Milk strain, let’s learn a little bit about its two diverse parents.

Dutch Crunch is known for its zesty citrus tones that have a bit of pine to it. This is a strain that is typically used to treat migraines and fatigue due to its Jack Herer roots. You can expect to feel euphoric and motivated if you use this strain mildly.

With its flavors matching its aroma, this strains taste doesn’t hide behind its enticing smell.  Known for its balanced high, Dutch Crunch gives you boosts of energy with a sense of relaxation afterwards.

Cereal Milk is a uniquely balanced strain that has an extremely unique flavor.  Known for tasting like the milk at the end of a bowl of cereal, it has notes of vanilla and small facets of blueberry for its flavor. Smoking this strain will give the user an uplifting and happy high that will last for hours, making it perfect for being social and enjoying your nights out!

Now that we’ve review its parents, let’s take a look what the child strain, Viking Milk, smells, tastes and feels like to smoke!

The Aroma of the strain: Viking Milk

Viking Milk has an eccentric aromatic blend of citrus and vanilla. It’s heavy smell of oranges comes from Dutch Crunch where as the silky vanilla tone comes from the Cereal Milk. In the bag you get the heavy bites of that sweet vanilla and blueberry undertones matched by its facet of doughiness that comes into play rather softly.

It’s not until after the grind where you get the brute force of the citrus overtones.   The smell after the exhale is more like s burnt orange rather than a heavy cannabis aroma!

The Flavor of the Viking Milk strain

Vikings Milk is truly is a treat for the palette. It has a creamy and velvety tone that lets the flavor linger after the exhale.  This strain has heavy notes of silky oranges that are coated in sugar.  Vikings Milk tastes like an orange smoothie with whipped cream! I notice a hint of soft blueberries on the inhale, it tends to disappear before the exhale comes along! It’s refreshing and relaxing with its springtime flavors.

The Effects of smoking the strain: Viking Milk

Vikings Milk is one of those balanced strains that allows you to functionally medicate while still giving you that euphoric and uplifting feeling.  I’ve found this strain to be excellent for video games, reading a book or aiding in your socialite activities.  It’s fully functional regardless of the dose you medicate at. Lower doses tend to give you a relaxing and pain mitigating high while higher doses give you they uplifting and euphoric feeling.

With its taste that matches its aroma and its supremely well balanced traits, I find Vikings Milk to be a personal favorite of mine.  It’s got the personality to match its medicinal value.  Anyone would be doing themselves justice by adding Vikings Milk to their holistic cabinet of medicine!


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