We are now in Week 6 of the flowering stage. Here are the new developments we will dive into:

  • Buds are getting bigger
  • No vegetative growth at all
  • Only maturity growth at this point

In this episode of A Week-by-Week Guide to Flowering Cannabis Indoors, we are on Day 38 of the flowering period. Both plants, our Apple Tartz #7 pheno, and our Platinum Silk, are coming along quite nicely.

Changes from Week 5 to Week 6

The biggest changes that you will witness in the sixth week of flowering is the amount of weight that has been added to the buds. Your buds in Week 6 will be noticeably bigger than they were in Week 5.

At this point, these plants are deep into flower, and are really maturing day by day. You will notice that the colas are filling our.

You will notice that, across all the plants in the room, the only real growth that has occurred is in the actual buds. There is minimal to zero growth in the fan leaves, because at this stage, these plants are only focused on “maturity growth,” i.e. growth of the actual nugs. These plants are done with vegetative growth and are only deepening in their bud growth.

Plants will vary in their growth patterns, some grow quicker and some not until the end.

Take a look at our Platinum Silk and see how thick it has become. Just a week ago, it was much smaller.

As we explained in our Week 5 video, Platinum Silk had a very typical bud size for Week 5. But at Week 6, it is a bit on the advanced size, meaning it is now slightly bigger than the average plant in Week 6. These plants do not grow evenly every day. They have growth spurts, and Platinum Silk has definitely had a growth spurt in the sixth week

By contrast, Apple Tartz is like the little engine that could, taking a much more even pace. Our Apple Tartz pheno usually puts on most of its size at the end toward the finish.

The Maturity Growth in Week 6 provides Confidence to the Grower

We like this time in the flowering stage. You’ve spent a month and a half of flowering, but now the end is finally in site. You can see the results coming to fruition. And the plants are getting prettier by the day. Seeing this maturity growth is a real assurance to the grower that things are heading in the right direction.

It is a real confidence boost to have made it this far. It is hard not to smile when you are in a flowering room with plants that are six weeks into bloom. This is a great time to play some music, get in touch with your plants, listen to them and just be with them.

The most wonderful part of the sixth week and subsequent weeks is that you get to just vibe with the plants. Play some tunes, jam out, smile, laugh, and treasure your living plants. You only have so much time left with them before harvest. So enjoy these flowers in bloom!

Things continue to heat up in Week 7!

Well that concludes are look at Week 6. The plants are deep into flower, all vegetative growth has ceased, and the only part getting bigger are the giant fat colas! Next week, we will get to see these plants inch closer to the finish line, and we will also see the beginnings of some real color expression. Join us as we continue on into Week 7!


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