We are now in Week 9 of the flowering stage. Here are the final elements we will discuss:

  • Admiring the beauty of these blooming plants!
  • Getting ready for harvesting

In this episode of A Week-by-Week Guide to Flowering Cannabis Indoors, we are on Day 58 of the flowering period. Both plants, our Apple Tartz #7 pheno, and our Platinum Silk, look amazing and are ready to be harvested.

You should feel good about finishing the Bloom Cycle of your Cannabis plants

Well, pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it to the finish line! Growing ganja can be challenging, to say the least. Most people do not realize the difficulties involved in growing marijuana, especially indoors, in a new atmosphere. Just when you think all is well, a new problem can pop up that sends you struggling to find a solution!

We have all been there. That is why we write this blog. We want to be your companion on your cultivation journey. There is a much joy to be had in growing your own marijuana. We’ve experienced it first hand, and it’s wonderful.

But when you are new, growing cannabis can be stressful at times. Mistakes can be expensive. And the worst part is the time consumption. If you don’t get it right, you just wasted all of that time, right?!

Well, yes and no. First, understand that cultivation, like life, is a journey, and its the “practice” that you should seek. Similar to strength training, it’s the day in, day out practice that you should love (and that leads to the results). Love the process and one day you wake up with great results.

So simply indulge in the moment: you have made it to the finish line. Your plants have reached full maturity. Bask in their beauty. And remember, the trek is not over, you’ve got several more weeks ahead during the harvest/dry/cure/trim phase!

Changes from Week 8 to Week 9

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much visual difference. But if you take a closer look, especially with a magnifying glass, you’ll see the development of the trichomes. Early in the flowering stage, the trichomes begin to emerge. Then they begin to grow. Later, they grow heads, like a mushroom. Eventually, these transparent heads go from clear to milky white, to amber in color.

There are differing opinions on the matter (like anything that is complicated and artistic). But most will agree that you want the trichomes to be milky and getting toward the amber stage. If you wait too long, the entire bud will be consumed in amber colored trichomes, which can alter the high and experience of the flower.

They say if you harvest too early, the high is too speedy, and if you harvest too late, it becomes like a narcotic, couch lock. You are looking for that Goldy locks, “just right,” amount of milky color in your trichomes.

Getting Ready for Harvest time

Now is the time to start preparing for the harvest cycle. If you have not already, check out our long-form guide, Harvesting Your Cannabis from Start to Finish. We cover all of the technical aspects of chopping down your plants and how to properly dry, cure, and trim your buds.

Conclusion of the Marijuana Flowering Stage

Well that concludes our Week-By-Week Guide to Flowering Cannabis. If you enjoy this type of content, subscribe to our newsletter where we drop other “pro tips” and advice on growing good weed.


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