This is part 2 of our week-by-week series on growing marijuana in the Vegetative Stage using hydroponic methods. In the previous episode, we were vegging our newly cut clones in the EZ-Cloner.

In this Episode, you will see the following:

  • Examining the root growth in the EZ Cloner
  • Transplanting clones into pots
  • Why we use half-gallon pots for our rooted clones

Reviewing the Clones for Root Growth

In Part 1, we explained that we will normally start the process of growing weed with clones that we cut from our mother plants. After cutting a clone, we place it into our EZ-Cloner, which is a piece of equipment that uses an aeroponic system. Basically, it is tub of water that is enclosed to create humidity and has jets to spray and create a mist.

We use the EZ-Cloner because for us, it is a sure fire way to make sure the clone develops roots, versus just sticking it in soil and watering it. We like to increase our chances of success, and this is one way to do that.

We normally keep our clones in the EZ-Cloner for about two weeks. After 14 days in the EZ Cloner, our clones have developed a large, healthy root base. They are now ready to be planted in soil.

Transplanting Clones from the EZ-Cloner into Pots

Transplanting refers to taking a plant from one medium and transferring it to another. In this case, we are transferring our clones from the aeroponic system into an actual pot.

We grow in coco coir, and so we first get our pots and fill them halfway with coco. Next, we take the clone out of the EZ-Cloner, and we place it in the pot. We then fill around the clone with more coco until the pot is about full. We leave about an inch of clearance from the top of the pot to the soil.

Transplanting into different size pots at different stages during Veg

We actually will transplant twice during the vegetative stage. First, we will transfer the clones from the EZ Cloner into small, half-gallon pots. Later we will transfer the plants again into a larger size pot, as the plant grows.

The Benefits of Using Half-Gallon Pots

We like using half gallon pots when first transplanting clones. This is not something we have always done, but it is a recent change we made to our practices, and we are liking the results.

The first and most obvious benefit of using half-gallon pots is that you can squeeze more of them into your veg space, since the smaller pots take up less space than larger pots.

But the less obvious benefit is that better root growth is encouraged when a small plant is placed in a small pot.

The problem with placing a small plant, such as a clone, in a large pot is that when watered, the water will be deployed all throughout the pot. And the roots will spread out chasing the feed, instead of growing deeper and bigger.

So when we transplant our clones from the EZ-Cloner, we first put them in a small, half-gallon pot.

How long to wait before transplanting again into larger pots

Our current practice is to leave these clones in the half-gallon pots for about two weeks. We are wanting the plants to really direct their energy toward their roots. It all starts with healthy root growth, and that is why we spend so much time developing this aspect of the plant.

Usually after a couple weeks in the half-gallon pots, the plants have had a chance to develop a better root structure, and have grown a little taller. At that point, we will transplant them, yet again, to a three-gallon pot, where they will stay all the way through veg and through flowering.

The Series Continues in Part 3

In the Part 3, you get to see how these clones (now plants) look after spending a solid week in the half-gallon pot.


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