After publishing our Weed by Week Guide to Flowering Cannabis Indoors, we’ve received a lot of inquiries for a similar guide on the vegetative stage.

This series will show you everything we do during the vegetative stage of our plants.

How to run a proper veg cycle indoors for your marijuana plants

The Vegetative Stage is the first of two stages of the cannabis life cycle. This is the part where a new plant is born, grown, and prepared for flowering.

The second stage is the flowering stage, where the plant is grown to maturity, and it produces flowers, the buds that we smoke.

The vegetative stage is significant because it presents the chance to “get it right” from the beginning. So much can be done in veg that sets the plant up for success later during the flowering period.

Achieving good yields, developing a proper canopy, training the plant to grow in optimal patterns; all of these goals are best achieved by starting early in the vegetative stage.

How to use Hydroponic methods to grow marijuana indoors

There are different cultivation methods that can be used to grow marijuana. The traditional method of growing marijuana is with soil. Growing cannabis in soil is most common when growing out doors.

However, our preferred method for growing marijuana indoors is a version of hydroponic cultivation. Hydroponic growing is a method where the plant receives its nutrition from the water it is fed, instead of from the soil.

With hydroponic growing, the growing medium can very. We use a soil substitute called Coco Coir. We choose to grow our cannabis in coco for its ease of use, and ability to work with. We also like that coco coir is an environmentally sustainable and renewable  resource.

Week By Week Guide to Vegetative Stage using Hydroponic Methods

In this series, we will take you through our process of starting a plant from clone and vegging it until we are ready to flip into flower. We will document the process by video so you can see what the process looks like.

We will show you how long we keep our clones in the cloner, and when we transplant them into pots. We will show you how we use different size pots to reflect the size of the plants at their respective age.

In this series, you will see how we train plants during veg, when and how to top them to optimize cola development, and overall how long we keep them under 18/6 lighting before switching to 12/12.


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