Oklahoma is not a red state or a blue state. Oklahoma is a green state. With thousands of dispensaries, and thousands upon thousands more of licensed growers, Oklahoma leads the nations with the greatest amount of legal cannabis businesses. Which makes Oklahoma the greenest of the green states.

So what is the weed scene like in Oklahoma? That is what this blog series will explore.

We will first start with the legalization movement, and how that led to the beginnings of a new commercial sector among Oklahoma’s economy. The cannabis industry is now a large part of the Oklahoma economy. It drives real estate prices as well as the overall economy by how many ancillary products and services it consumes in order to turn out cannabis-related products and services.

We then turn to the local cannabis culture within Oklahoma. This is an exciting topic, because the sheer amount of cannabis activity and talent that has flooded into the state begs the question of whether Oklahoma will become the next cultural hub of American cannabis.

Next, we take a look at what it’s like to buy cannabis in Oklahoma: the shopping experience at legal dispensaries, and the quality of cannabis on the legal market. And most importantly, how do dispensaries get their weed – where does it come from and how do they verify it.

Oklahoma is the new frontier of legal cannabis in the United States

Oklahoma has become the greenest state in the nation. Whether you are in Oklahoma, in another legal state, or elsewhere in the world, this series of articles will give you insight into how the cannabis economy of Oklahoma works, and how it is benefitting the consumer population.

You will also see how not all businesses are equal, and some growers are more ethical and transparent than others. We want you to be aware of these realities in the Oklahoma cannabis market so that you can make informed decisions about the cannabis flower you purchase and consume.

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