Smokey Okies Cannabis is a wholesale provider to other cannabis dispensaries and processors in Oklahoma. We sell bulk flower as well as pre-packaged pre-rolls (pre-rolled joints) to retail dispensaries. We also provide flower and trim to processors. If you are a processor or a retailer, contact us for a price sheet on wholesale products. We offer discounts on flower that is ordered in excess of ten pounds and on larger orders of our pre-rolls.


Wholesale Flower and Pre-Rolls to Dispensaries

If you own a dispensary in Oklahoma, Smokey Okies Cannabis would love to provide you with quality flower and pre-rolls that you can sell to your customers. We offer flower in bulk as well as in pre-packaged containers. Our pre-rolls are packaged in high quality, child-proof boxes, that patients and customers love. The packaging is attractive and presentable, offers convenience to the patient, and allows your dispensary to offer branded cannabis that your customers can purchase, knowing the source, origin, and test results, all conveniently labeled on the package. Contact us for a whole price sheet.

Wholesale Flower and Trim for Processing

Are you a processor that needs a reliable source of bulk trim and flower that you can process for your concentrate products? We would love to be your supplier. We are reliable and large enough that we can offer a steady supply without delay. We have a regular harvest schedule which ensures we always have product on hand and can fill your orders to keep your business running. Contact us today to discuss.


Your search for a reliable wholesale provider of cannabis in Oklahoma is over. In a market that lacks reliable growers, it can be hard to run your business without a consistent wholesale supplier of product. We know, as we opened our dispensary months before our first harvest. We were in your shoes, hitting the streets and the phones, looking for growers who could supply our retail store. Sure, we found individuals who could cover us one week; but they couldn’t help us the next week. “It will be 60 days until my next harvest,” or “Oh yeah, I’ll have more flower in 5 weeks.” It seemed that no one had a reliable grow with weekly harvests.

We founded Smokey Okies Cannabis with the goal of being a reliable source for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Businesses. But we also wanted to put out quality flower, that is as transparent as can be, labeled with test results and harvest dates.

We would love to do business with you, so contact us to get started.

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