Oklahoma is the greenest state in the nation if you count number of dispensaries, number of licensed growers and processors.

Why? As we explained in the last article, Oklahoma’s low barrier to entry for cannabis businesses has set off an explosion of economic activity – thousands of businesses have been created, thousands of jobs in the cannabis sector. All of this has created greater demand for ancillary products and services.

The Booming Cannabis industry has led to growth in other business sectors

The construction sector has had its own boom with Heating and Air Contractors and Electricians rushing to gain knowledge of cannabis facilities design so they can service the demand for outfitting indoor grow facilities.

The real estate sector has seen a spike in demand for warehouse space as well as raw land and acreage, driving real estate prices.

And because the cannabis economy is booming, the cultural and artistic communities surrounding cannabis are taking root and growing within Oklahoma. Talent from around the country is flooding in – breeders, pheno-hunters, big brands, and entertainers – are all visiting our great state, and many are staying permanently.

National hydroponic supply stores are relocating to Oklahoma due to its centralized location. Nationally known breeders are also relocating, as are many brands.

All of this begs the questions as to whether Oklahoma will become not only significant as an industrial producer of cannabis but also as a cultural influencer to the greater population of cannabis consumers and aficionados world wide. After all, if all the talent resides here – or at least regularly stops to visit – how could Oklahoma not become a cultural epicenter, the way that many currently view the West Coast.

The Growth of Cannabis Business Sector will lead to growth of Cannabis Culture

Given the growth of the cannabis industry, the amount of jobs being created, and the amount of good ganja being grown and smoked in Oklahoma will all lead to more and more people in the national industry paying attention to this state and eventually working in one way or another in the Oklahoma cannabis scene.

We think Oklahoma is worth paying attention to. In the next few years, you will seen new trends emerge here that will influence the rest of legalized markets. And Smokey Okies will be leading that charge.



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